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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alice Hausman, Tax and Spender,
Redistributor of Wealth

Another wonderful promotion of All Things Liberal advanced by the uber-Liberal Sunday Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune in their Op/Ed section. Titled, "Fed Up by inaction at State Capitol", written by Lori Sturdevant, herself an admirer of the Marxian Model of Economics, readers are supposed to be swayed by Alice Hausman's plea for higher taxes so she and her fellow Democrats and RINOs can spend with unencumbered and unrestricted glee.

    A freeway bridge fell, and the state still can't find a way to invest more in transportation, laments [Democrat St. Paul State Representative Alice Hausman].

Awwwwww, poor Alice - hold on a second while I reach for a tissue to absorb my tears - I feel badly that Alice "laments".

    "We just moved through this time of crisis," Hausman said (referring to the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis on August 1 - Drake), "and we didn't do a thing...People are fed up with us."

Oh, I need another tissue, I can't stop weeping from Alice's sad sob story. Okay, okay - enough with the sarcasm.

    Property taxes are spiking - especially in her St. Paul district - and there's no boost in state aid for cities.

Well, this is what happens when cities can't live within their budget and fail to balance their city checkbook. Oh, if only all of us could live like that and ask the state to bail us out of our own overspending and mismanaged, failed financial policies.

Minnesota's Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty (of whom I am no fan), called a special legislative session for one day, on September 11, to address the I-35W bridge. Legislative leaders agreed, prior to the special session, that the issue they would address is the bridge. It was not a special session for All Things Tax and Spend, and Alice "laments" that it wasn't. Awwww - doesn't that just make you heart drop down to your pelvis? Another tissue, please.

    Hausman heads the House Capitol Investment Finance Division - the bonding panel. That should give her a lot of say about broken bridges, stalled traffic, polluted water and the like.


    "We will not let gridlock between three leaders be the defining point of government in Minnesota. We all represent our constituents. We don't represent our leaders," [said Hausman].

Minnesota has spent billions of dollars on building one route for Light Rail Transit that runs from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to the Mall of America to downtown Minneapolis.

Minnesota plans to spend billions and billions of dollars on more Light Rail routes that they call "corridors." I need to Go Ask Alice if this money could be better spent on highways, freeways, bridges, polluted water and the like.

Go Ask Alice Hausman

Light Rail is the perpetual Money Pit, it will never, never ever be cost-effective. Light Rail was supposed to alleviate freeway and traffic congestion, but this hasn't happened. Highway traffic is still heavy and congested. The answer pitched by Alice Hausman and the Social Engineering Crowd is to build more Light Rail commuter lines. This is kind of like saying the answer to fixing a boat leak is by punching another hole in its hull.

I don't know about your constituents, Alice, but the taxpayers I know are stretched to their household limits on spending. They've tightened their belts as tightly as they can. They've cut back and reduced not only their discretionary spending but their necessary spending.

I find the Tax and Spend and Redistribute Money Mentality of folks like Alice Hausman and Democrats like her onerous, reprehensible and disgusting.

The statement at the beginning of this post, the one of "the state still can't find a way to invest more in transportation," - replace the word "invest" with "tax more", because this is what Democrats mean when they use the word "invest".

No Alice, we don't need to "invest" tax more for transportation. We need to spend the money that is already there in smarter and better ways. On ways that provide the most return to the majority of people - on things like highways, roads, freeways and bridges - instead of on ways that don't, like the Light Rail Money Pit.

Alice typifies the problem that Minnesota and other states, and the federal government all have in common. It's not a problem of not having enough money. They have too much money, far too much. So much, that they can't help but spend it quickly and foolishly. They spend the money on Special Interest projects (nee, Light Rail), and then have the audacity to ask the taxpayers for more? It's your outright greed and avarice - and attitude of entitlement to more taxpayer money - that you should "lament", Alice. Shame on you, shame on all of you.

It's time for the state to tighten its belt and instead of looking to the taxpayer for more money, it needs to look at where it spends money foolishly, eliminate that spending, and start spending it wisely. It's time for the state to downsize across the board instead of asking the taxpayer to "invest" more money.


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We would all be better off if the Lems would stop stealing our money. That's right our money. We know better on how to spend it than the Lems. All the Lems are going to do is give it to the FBI (Friends, Brothers, and In-laws). Are you listening Queen Uber-Nazi Whore? Nope. The Queen Uber-Nazi Whore comes up with a new plan to steal our money on an almost daily basis. Unbelievable.
They just can't stop spending. And it's not just the Dems and Libs - tho they are the majority. The RINOs that go along with them with their "spirit of cooperation" are as much to blame.

I don't know what part of "it's not the spending, it's what they spend it on," that these Tax and Spenders don't f---ing understand. It galls me to no end.

I need a good primal scream session now.
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