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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

David Letterman, Serial Philanderer

Karma is such a bitch, ain't it?

Karma came back, full circle, to bitter late night TV host David "Will never get The Tonight Show hosting gig...ever!" Letterman.

Letterman has been caught with his pants down, literally.

Here's how it works. Letterman spends an entire career insulting people, mostly in a not-funny and mean-spirited way.

He pushes the envelope well beyond the realm of comedy when he cracks jokes about Willow Palin, 14-year old daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin, being raped by NY Yankees player Alex Rodriguez.

Now, along comes the not-so-startling news that Letterman has had numerous sexual affairs liaisons with several women in a secret bedroom he has in the Ed Sullivan Theater from where his CBS Talk Show is broadcast. Heh...broadcast!

Letterman has been married for about five years to Regina Lasko. But before that, the two had been dating - a "couple" - since 1989.

Stephanie Birkitt

And we know Letterman has indeed engaged in relationships outside of his longterm relationship with Ms. Lasko. And, the
woman Letterman was cheating with. Stephanie Birkitt, was cheating on her boyfriend! NY Post:

    Pretty former "Late Show" staffer Stephanie Birkitt revealed in her diary that she continued having sex with boss David Letterman even after moving in with her CBS-producer boyfriend, who later allegedly tried to extort him over the affair, sources told The Post yesterday.

    Letterman and Birkitt enjoyed romantic hikes last fall at his sprawling ranch in eastern Montana -- where he was married in March -- while her boyfriend, "48 Hours Mystery" producer Robert "Joe" Halderman, stayed home in Connecticut, the sources said.

    At the time, Birkitt, 34, insisted to Halderman that she and the 62-year-old Letterman had just "a platonic relationship," a source said.

Besides Birkitt, other women have said they have had affairs with Letterman, including Holly Hester. Associated Content:

    Holly Hester, a woman who interned for David Letterman, has come forward and admitted that she had a secret affair with the popular CBS talk show host. Holly Hester interned under David Letterman in the early 1990s.

Yes, I'll bet she did indeed intern under him. And on occasion, maybe wearing a pair of designer Monica Lewinsky knee pads.

Do the math, Libs...Hester says she had a secret affair with him in the early 1990s. Letterman and Lasko began dating in 1989.

Regina Lasko, Letterman's wife and, as he would say, "A very handsome woman."

You see, it almost seems...almost...like Letterman was using women as his personal gratification objects. Feminists and Progressives used to tell us this is wrong, but not so much anymore since the days of Bubba Clinton the so many other Various Democrat Perverts.

The perfect scenario, of course, is that Letterman's wife decides to split from the marriage and walks away with millions and millions and millions of dollars that the notoriously frugal Letterman has stashed away.

Love Stinks.

And Karma is such a sweet bitch when it slaps Liberals like Letterman smack on the face. Sweet, sweet Karma.

Oh...Oh!...Oh Those Good Olde Fashioned Liberal Family Values!


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I bet Richard Simmons is heart broken over this.
Heh. No doubt! I think Letterman packed Simmons fudge on more than one occasion.
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