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Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama "Wee Weed Up."
Obama Hittin' The Crack Pipe Again?

Is Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior still hittin' the crack pipe? Could be. Or is he smokin' some of Howard Dean's weed?

Obama says, "There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee weed up!

He instills such confidence, doesn't he?

No wonder Vladimir Putin and other, real strong leaders think Obama is a joke. He is a joke. No wonder terrorists know they can push him around. He's a dink, a Coward and a Weakling.

Hit that crack pipe, Barry. Hit it good.

The Kenyan...(sigh)...makes you miss the good ol' days of the Carter Administration, doesn't he?


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Pbama may be guilty of all those weaknesses but he can still challenge all those terrorists around a beer, a joint or a coke line IF they dare to offer it to Yo President as a peaceful gesture.

They will realize that Pbama can be pretty strong at following anybody (terrorists wannebe or else) in a contest of who is going to snort the most coke or who is going to inhale the most pot.
Pbama loves the crack in more ways than one. Come on Barry, hit that pipe and pick up the phone. Larry's been waiting for your booty call.
Yeah, Dave. Carter is missed alright.

Who would have known that there would come the day when people would
Pbama can be pretty strong at following anybody (terrorists wannebe or else) in a contest of who is going to snort the most coke or who is going to inhale the most pot.

Excellent point, Tym.

If Barry only took terrorism as seriously as he takes his critics the world would be a much safer place. But Barry is afraid Americans, not terrorists.

What this tells us is that he wants to set himself up as a dictator.

And Mike Signator, we can't forget about the strange Pbama-Signator relationship. Sig is Barry's mystery man.

Who knew any future president would make Carter's term look good by comparison, huh? Holy shit almighty.

Krazy, with a capital "K" for The Kenyan!
I got another good link for that one:

Oh, so now the Obama White House is making fun of bed-wetters, huh?

Well, I guess if the Special Olympics is an open target for the crass Pbama, ridiculing bed-wetters is perfectly acceptable.

Gibbs is such a piece of shit. And the Libs hated Scott McClellen? Gibbs is fecal matter compared to McClellen.

Thanks for the link, Tym.
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