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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Howard Dean Cites Veterans Administration as Successful Government Program

I'm betting that Screamin' Howard Dean smokes the best Chronic in the world.

Earlier in the week Screamin' Howlin' Howie cited the Veterans Administration as a successful government program. USA MacPaper:

    From the left, former Democratic Party chair Howard Dean said the public option is essential to the success of any health care plan and to its chances of passing in Congress in the first place.

    "I don't think it can pass without the public option," the 2004 presidential candidate said on CBS' This Morning. "There are too many people who understand, including the president himself, the public option is absolutely linked to reform."

    From the right comes the Cato Institute. The libertarian think tank says the proposed health care co-op is just another version of the public option.

    "The definition of a cooperative is a health plan governed by its enrollees," says Cato's Michael F. Cannon, director of health policy studies. "Since a government chartered co-op won't have any enrollees at first, it will be governed like any other government program."

    In his defense of the public option, Dean cited two examples of public health programs: Medicare and the Veterans Administration system.

Gee, it seemed like not long ago, under the W. Bush Admin, The Liberals said that the VA was falling apart. The LiberTards were bitching about, what they called, horrible, deplorable conditions at the Walter Reed Medical Center facility. And parts of Walter Reed were in need of major repair, I agree.

But the way and manner of how The LiberFascists HYPED Walter Reed as falling down and crumbling was, as is their usual, simply overblown and full of bullsh*t and egregious hyperbole.

Now, Chairman Mao Tse Dean touts the VA as a successful government program?!?!

Don't kid yourselves. Rockers and Rappers no longer have the best Chronic. Not by a long shot.

Howard Dean is smokin' the finest, most powerful and pungent weed ever. And his comments are proof positive.



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I like your post. It's the 2-man con. One side is against anything the other side stands for, and occasionally these poles rotate. They're all scum. Every party.
That be more than weed the Deanster is smoking.
Don, you should like ALL my posts. In fact, you should LOVE all of them. You should never stray from my blog, Don. Never.

(liquid spit laughter alert at your comment)

No shit. Dean is a Doctor, but is he a real doc? Maybe he's writing out 'scrips for himself? On the oxycontin maybe?

He's smokin' some great shit. That's all I know.
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