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Sunday, August 09, 2009

According To Barbara Boxer, Only Liberal Elitists Can Be "Well-dressed."

According to U.S. CommieCrat Senator Barbara Boxer, only Liberal Elitists are permitted to be "well-dressed."

Boxer said the Americans attending Town Hall meetings who are objecting to Nationalized and Rationed Healthcare are too "well-dressed." Well, pardon us for not wearing bib overalls, rubber boots and a having a drool cup attached beneath our chin.

I guess those of us who aren't Liberal Elitists are supposed to walk around with wooden barrel around us supported by suspenders. Are shoes okay, Barbara, or would you prefer the great unwashed walk barefoot?

Boxer is a bitch. Strike that. She's a cunt.


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She is an elite snotty bitch. I hope she drops dead.
Yeah, but she needs to live long enough to suffer first. Like sitting in an unchanged diaper full of her own Liberalism for a few years before the Devil decided to use her as his personal bitch.

To all others: this is a joke people. If you don't get it, you must be a Lib.
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