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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walter Cronkite Is Dead?

I heard on the news that
Walter Cronkite died at the age of 92. Boston Herald:

    Walter Cronkite, the CBS news anchor who was considered “the most trusted man in America,” died yesterday at his New York home at age 92, after suffering for many years from cerebrovascular disease, according to family members.

    Cronkite anchored the “CBS Evening News” from 1962 to 1981 and was easily the most influential broadcast journalist of the 20th century.

    Millions of viewers came to depend upon the St. Joseph, Mo., native for his stately reading of headlines. He ended each newscast with his trademark signoff,“. . . and that’s the way it is.”

Quick...someone hold a teaspoon under his nose. Are the experts certain he's dead? I ask this because it was only a short few weeks ago that Cronkite spokeswoman said the reports of him being gravely ill are overstated and that he has no major health crisis. Hell, it sounds as if old Walter at 92 was getting ready to run a triathlon! So, are they sure he's dead?

Did you know Walter was a member of the nefarious Bohemian Grove and was the voice of the Bohemian Owl

Many are praising Cronkite. But he was a Liberal POS; a mouthpiece and propaganda tool for Liberalism and America-bashing. He was a water-carrier for American Marxists. A blatant Socialist...a very, very wealthy Socialist who hoarded his money as do all Tightwad Cheapskate Liberals. And we all know how popular it is to HATE THE RICH these days.

Here's an appropriate comment about Pink Commie Walter from a discussion board at The History Channel:

    The US Military was almost overwhelmed by the last great offensive of the VC during the TET offensive. US forces beat back the offensive with incredible valor and after the smoke cleared the VC was finished. Walter Cronkite picked up his fat ass and rushed to VietNam [sic] when it was safe and he put on a helmet and flack jacket for the cameras and pronounced the incredible victory to be a "stalemate". That was it for LBJ. He could fight the enemy but he was no match for Cronkite. He told the world that he had enough and would not run for re-election. The unexpected capitulation of US resolve put a new resolve in the defeated VC and the rest is history. You could make a comparison of a news "anchor" going to Europe after the Battle of the Bulge and pronouncing it a stalmate [sic] for Allied troops. They would have had his head. The media was 100% liberal back then and there was no other voice.

Cronkite paved the way for future reporters to suspend objective news reporting and supplant it with a veiled, and sometimes a not-so-veiled, agenda of advancing Liberal/Marxist Ideology. Truth...who needs truth when subversive Liberal ideology is available, right Walter?

All the CommieCrats and America-haters on the news channels we see today can thank Big Ole Pink Walter for being the granddaddy of pushing a political bent instead of the facts.

Cronkite dead. BFD. GFR. BIH.


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Yeah, well, I'll shed no tears. Remember last year when Tony Snow died? How the Libs basically said they were glad he was dead? And every single news outlet gave a lot of time to his work at Fox News, not just his time as White House spokesperson.

No, I shan't mourn Cronkite.
Oh, The Left just piled on with Hate when Tony died. That's an excellent example, Groovy.
Thank God for conservative blogs these days, or we'd be fed 100% socialist horse dropplings.

Dan Rather felt the power of he blogs. Cronkite was lucky he lived before that.

Then again, as he probably died as a unbeliever, he is not feeling such luck...
And FOX News.

Yeah...Rather's fake story about W's National Guard service ended his news career.

Cronkite was a liberal POS, always eager to do the bidding of the Marxists. I don't miss him one bit.
I'll just say that as the wife of an Air National Guardsman, I took great offense at Rather's crap.
As you should, Groovy. As should anyone and any family connected to anyone in the Military who is serving or has served.
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