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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Frank Lombard's Facebook Page Gone

Frank Lombard is the Duke University employee who was busted in a sex-sting operation for offering his five-year old adopted son up for sex over the internet.

Lombard is gay. He lives with his gay partner. He first offered his black adopted son up for sex when the child was only three-years old.

Frank Lombard

Read the warrant (pdf).

Facebook has removed Lombard's entry on their site. It was http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Lombard/1316445

Here's a screen shot of it.

A larger version of it is here.

Did his fellow Facebook friends know about his antics? I would imagine the police and investigators are anxious to talk with them.

Here's a comment I found on the Lombard story from the GLBT site Tips-Q:

    When straight white males are falsely accused of rape, not only does it make the news, it persists as a top story for months on end. Even when the white males are aquitted [sic], they are still scorned feared and hated. When a gay male is found GUILTY of child molestation, it barely registers and nobody feels it necessary to focus on the orientation of the criminal. Matthew Sheppard was held up as a poster boy of intolerant Christian soceital [sic] oppression, why can't Lombard be held up as an example for why gays should never be allowed to adopt?

The commenter makes an excellent point. The Duke lacrosse team was judged guilty well before an investigation had been completed and well before the players had their day in court.

Matthew Sheppard has, indeed, been held up as a victim of Christian intolerance.

We will not see Lombard treated in the same manner as the players of the lacrosse team or as the Christians who violently tortured and murdered Sheppard. Those who killed Sheppard are not Christians. They might say and believe they are, but they are not.

Lombard - and he's already admitted and confessed to many of the charges - should rot in hell. Another question that comes to my mind is the case workers involved in the adoption. Did they thoroughly vet Lombard? How could they be completely unaware of Lombard's fascination with young boys considering he molested his adopted son on camera, online, on ICUii? The original story (see link in my original post, the very first link in this post) also notes that Lombard invited his gay friends over to his home and allowed them to molest his adopted son when he was younger than five.

From The Duke Chronicle:

    The informant told investigators that a customer of ICUii-an online program that offers "adult, discreet videochat," according to the company's Web site-with the user name "cooper2" or "cooperse" had performed acts of child molestation and broadcast it over the Web site. A subpoena sent to ICUii June 15 confirmed that the "cooper2" user name identified by the informant belonged to Frank Lombard, according to the affidavit.

    After the sting operation began, the officer alleges that over the course of a Yahoo! Instant Messenger conversation June 23, Lombard-using the display name "F L"-confessed to multiple acts of sexual abuse online using the ICUii video chat program. Lombard identified the minor he had molested as his 5-year-old, black adopted child.

I'm not sure about lesbians, but gay men should not be allowed to adopt children. Never. There are plenty of studies and research available that prove time after time that homosexual men are far more likely to be child molesters than are heterosexual men. Please don't believe me. Go go out there and search for the research and studies...you will find many of them.

Believe it or not, there are people out there defending Lombard. One of them left an anonymous comment on my original post. Whoever you are, you're sick. You're demented. Is the Anonymous commenter a gay pedophile? Well, you add two plus two and tell me the sum.

I back-up everything I write on this blog with facts. I'm still waiting for a response from the Anonymous commenter on my original post who repeated the falsehood that gay men are less inclined to molest children than are straight men. This is a complete lie and fallacy. I doubt the Anonymous commenter will return, this person doesn't have the facts to support their opinion.


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