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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neda Murdered While Obama Golfs

Neda - middle image above - was one of the protesters in Iran. She was brutally killed - shot by a sniper - while Barack Hussein Obama, Junior was golfing.

From The BBC:

    Amateur video apparently showing a young Iranian woman dying in Tehran after she was allegedly shot by pro-government militia on Saturday has caused outrage in Iran and abroad.

    The woman, Neda Agha-Soltan, was buried on Sunday.


    Eyewitnesses and video footage of the shooting clearly show that probably Basij paramilitaries in civilian clothing deliberately targeted her. Eyewitnesses said they clearly targeted her and she was shot in the chest.

    She passed away within a few minutes. People tried to take her to the nearest hospital, the Shariati hospital. But it was too late.

Neda Soltani, a 16-year-old philosophy student, has become the symbol of rebellion. The NY Daily News:

    Her name is Neda, which means "voice" in Farsi, and her death has become the central rallying cry of the Iranian rebellion.

    The fresh-faced teenage girl killed by what appears to be a single sniper shot on the streets of Tehran Saturday is now a potent symbol for Iran's pro-democracy protesters.

    Her shocking and quick death in the arms of her howling father was captured on closeup video, posted to Facebook and came to life on computer screens across the globe.

Meanwhile, Obama continues his "say nothing/don't upset Iran" foreign policy regarding the human rights' abuses.

Neda Soltani is braver than Obama can ever hope to be. Obama will remain, as he always has been and forever will be, a Coward.

The White House announced that Obama's Wednesday weekly party night will continue as usual and will not be adversely affected by Neda's death and what is going on in Iran.

The death of Neda. Warning: Graphic.

Chalk up another death that is fully and wholly owned by Obama. Her blood is on his hands.

Rest in peace Neda.

UPDATE: The above link to NY Daily News story listed Neda's age as 16-years old, which is why I noted her age as such. Other reports state she was 26. I wanted to make note of this.


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Obama needs a good four some in the back of the head to shake his eternal lethargy so contrasting with his yes we can.
Words fail me.

All I can say is "and Jesus cried".

May God give her family grace and confort in this time of pain and suffering.

Let us keep them in prayer.
The Mad Kenyan approves of this honor killing and wants more. It distracts from his plummeting approval numbers nicely.

May the POS supporter of the Mad Kenyan who shot Neda take a 20 mm round to the testicles.
Guys, I don't know what to say.

Mats sums it up...word fail me, too.

How can the entire civilized world witness and speak out against the violence and atrocities going on in Iran and it takes Pbama one week to mildly condemn Iran.

Our enemies, if they had any doubt at all, now know Pbama is a Coward. I'd like to think that even Carter or Clinton would have been far more forceful in their reactions to Iran, but I may be wrong.

What do you think, Mats, Tym, Molson?
Actually, Dave, France, Germany and other nations have offered "strong words of condemnation" for the iranian thugs. Well, it all depends on what they mean by "strong", obviously.

On the other hand, President Affirmative Action Hussein Obango Junior not even that has done.

I agree that Clinton would probably be more vocal in his condemnation. I am not so sure about islamo-lover Jimmah al-Carter.
Mats, I did hear what Merkel and Sarkozy said and it was more forceful than anything said by The Kenyan.

I know Gordon Brown said something too, but damned it I can't find any news report of it.

Mats, did you ever find the location of the archives on this page? You asked me several posts down. Scroll down on the right side of the page almost all the way down, just before you hit the "WEATHER" maps.
What do I think? I think the Mad Kenyan doesn't care. All he cares about is his pathetic leftard philosophy. He is a fraud, a fake, a phony. It does not matter to him who he bankrupts, who he imprisons or who he kills. He is an LPOS of the highest order. A you like to say DD, the Mad Kenyan will lie, deny, blame the other guy. In the end, only his most rabid of cultist followers will support him, but the damage will already have been done. I can only hope that those that voted in this LPOS suffer the most.
Yeah, Dave, I did find the archives down below.


It's a wild world when eurabians are more forceful to condemn islamo-nazis than the leader of the free world.

Hussein Junior is trying hard to be "remembered" as fondly as Jimmah al-Carter.
Are we f*ckin dreamin or what David.

What have the USA have becomed under such poor and mediocre leadership?

France being more firm and rude than the USA, who would have thought that in 2003 when Georges W Bush declared war on Iraq?

Please bring back George W Bush!!! At least everyone was able to understand him and everyone knew what he stood for.

Actually, I am seriously thinking of moving to the USA just to do that: vote for Georges W Bush in 2012!!!

Jeez, it's going to be forever, like eternity.
Shut the f*ck up with Iran already, I'm trying to get a hole in one over here.

- Pbama
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