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Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama's Foreign Policy: Say Nothing

The primary and definitive word describing Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's foreign policy is: inexperience.

The recent election in Iran that gave President Mahmoud "Mammy" Ahmadinejad another term has resulted in an uprising of protests over the credibility of the election. Supporters of Ahmadeinjad's opponent, Mir Hossein Mousavi, took to the streets after the results of the election. The election was held on June 12.

What happened after June 12 - the protests, the human rights' abuses, the heavy-handed reaction from the Ahmadinejad regime, the Basiji firing rounds of ammunition at protesters, protesters severely beaten and, according to some sources, 100 protesters killed - all occurred without any reaction or comment from Dear Leader His Excellency Obama. This is leadership? This is foreign policy? Saying nothing about the violent treatment of Iranians who, for the most part, are peacefully protesting?

Barry is afraid to say anything that might upset Mammy Ahmadinejad.

Liberals and Progressives certainly are quiet when they are intimidated by real threats and real terrorists. The Liberals and Progressives are quick to threaten and intimidate real threats like...um...Christians, Jews, Catholics, Pro-Lifers, Constitutionalists, those who believe in the Second Amendment - yeah, oh yeah, The Liberals and Progressives act real tough when their "enemy" is someone they know won't physically strike back. But when it comes to real threats, real terrorists, the Liberals and Progressives behave like the cowards they are. And they are Cowards - that's with a capital "C" - that's all they are.

They will speak out against humans rights' abuse against Tibet. Who's going to attack them for doing so, China? Ha! Liberals and Progressives are quick to speak out against how an Allie like Saudi Arabia treats women. What's Saudi Arabia going to do them? Nothing. When it really matters, when it really counts, you can double-down wager that American Liberals and Progressives will be silent about those who are oppressed in Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, North Korea and Afghanistan.

Obama finally spoke out on Saturday, June 20, calling the Ahmadinejad's crackdown on protesters, "violent and unjust." It took him eight days to reach this conclusion. Or did he deliberately decide to remain silent for his own political expediency. This is leadership?

Obama's foreign policy approach to Iran is emblematic not only of his inexperience, it is a definitive example of his presidency-in-training. Not only is he in way over his head with his domestic policies, his foreign policy experience is nonexistent.

Obama also stated to the Iranian regime that, "the world is watching." Whew! What a brave and courageous statement from Obama. Wow, his admonition of reprimand aimed at the Ahmadinejad Administration will carry about as much weight as a sternly worded letter from the United Nations. Mammy must be shaking in his boots after such a strict reprimand from Pbama.

If you're walking to the corner store all alone and you fall to the sidewalk and break your leg or if you're pulled over on the side of the road changing a flat tire, chances are the person who stops and helps you will be a Conservative, a Republican, a Libertarian or an Independent.

The Liberal and the Progressive will walk and drive right by you, pretending not to notice your predicament and ignoring your need for help. They don't want to get involved. They don't want to be inconvenienced. They don't want to help you. This is how someone like Obama behaves regarding the current crisis in Iran. This is how he behaves regarding domestic issues. Why would anyone think he would care about the Iranian protesters when he doesn't care about those who are suffering in America?

Obama supporters Cultists

Leadership and foreign policy means doing and saying things that may not be popular. It means risking a drop in high approval ratings. But Obama, like Bill Clinton, prefers to remain popular rather than taking on the responsibility and making decisions that great leaders possess. Obama will never be considered a leader - never.

The Left can say what they want about President George W. Bush - and they will continue to vilify and demonize him - but he was not afraid of taking an unpopular stand or position on an issue. Obama, on the other hand, is a coward. He is afraid to speak out about Iran's crackdown on protesters. Like Bubba, it's all about popularity for Obama. It's all about high approval ratings. It's all about Obama; all about him.


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"Leadership and foreign policy means doing and saying things that may not be popular."
Amen, brother!
This is the mark of a true leader: he stands by the Truth even in unpopular times. President Hussein Junior is showing that he knows nothing about leadership (if one discounts the "community organizer" days), and knows nothing of human nature, and the nature of evil.
You don't fight evil with silence.
Ronnie called the USSR the "Evil Empire", and right on he was. This is true leadership.
But hey, it's more important to export abortion and enlist homosexuals to place of authority over children, right?
WHat a disgrace.
Good thing that his aproval ratings are falling.

President W had many flaws, and he wasn't the sharpest stick in the yard, but he did not shy away from calling evil as evil.
I wonder, what would have happened if President Hussein Junior had been the president during 9-11? What would he do if he had been in Giuliani's shoes, and received the fat check from the Saudis? He would probably keep it, or give it to Planned Parenthood
why would anyone care if iranians are killing each other. no we dont have to. besides who gives a crap who wins, some guy that never runs for office actually is the king over there. obama's accidentally doing something right, leave him alone on this one. jjs
Mats, the differences between W. and Pbama on recognizing and identifying evil are miles apart, aren't they? I agree - W. called evil evil, and Pbama is an appeaser and pacifist.

Excellent point on the Guliani issue and the Saudi check. Obama, and Bubba and Hillary (and so many others) would have either pocketed the money or given it to ACORN. Or PP as you say.
JJ, you're an asshole. I looked at your blog. I'd prefer you not comment here. Take your shit-headedness elsewhere. You're a dumb fuck. You don't deserve to live with other humans.
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