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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coward Obama Pretends He's Tough On Iran

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior held a press conference on Tuesday, pretending to toughen his talk and feigning a tough stance on Iran. Too little. Too late.

He finally acknowledged the oppression of the Iranian people by their government. Too little. Too late.

Major Garrett asked Dear Leader His Excellency, "What took you so long," to speak out against the Iranian regime's treatment of its citizens. Obama gave a BS answer, a lie, saying he's been consistent in his criticism of the Iranian election and how the Iranian regime is treated its citizens. What a crock. It took him a week before he mentioned anything critical about the the ghastly, inhumane and violent manner with how Iran is dealing with protesters.

He voted "present" on how Iran is treating protesters.

Why hasn't Pbama flown over to Iran to "talk with and negotiate" with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Candidate Pbama told us he's the great negotiator. Come on, Crack Head, step up to the plate. Show the world that you are the Peacemaker you claimed you are. Where is his diplomacy? Oh, Obama is too busy playing golf while those with guts are shot dead in the street in Iran.

Pbama mentioned The International Community condemns the action taken by the Iraq government. It's about time Pbama caught up to what the International Community is doing. Too little. Too late.

Obama is weak. Always has been. Iran knows this. So does Afghanistan. So does North Korea's Kimmy Jong Il. So does al-Qaida, the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah. Rumor has it they all refer to him as Jimmy Carter, Junior.


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I love, love, LOVE that picture! I'm literally laughing out loud.
Well Thank You, GV, you made my day!

(you know you, of all people, are more than welcome to copy and run and reproduce any of my images). Anyone is. All is ask is that they are reproduced "as is." I know you know this.
The only things the Krazy Kenyan is tough on is a pack of Marlboros and the tax payers.
Did you hear? Now it seems that the King was in fact trying to open Negotiations with the Mullahs
Hussein Obama reserves tough words for the filthy zionists.

Jesse what's-his-name did say that with Obango in the White House, the speech towards "them Jews" would change.
Anyway, Dave, Obango sure is a weak leader. It took him a whole week (leaving aside 30 years) to realize that A'jad and his ilk are murdering nuts.

The spirit of Reagan is not present in President Affirmative Action.
oh, and don't worry. We'll use the images you make and leave them intact.

The worker deserves his wage (Luke 10:7), even if this case the wage is "only" recognition.
The worst part is that Obama made the gulible and the extreme left believe that if George W Bush and the Republican party was kicked out, Iran, Al Quaida, the Aiatolahs and all other terrorists groups and despots like Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Hill in North Korea would start to like a little more the USA. The supposed invisible hand that tries to reach out to those despots and TERRORISTS has fallen into deaf ears since Iran, Al Quaid, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Talibans and so on still hates America as much if not more since they don't have the threat and firm talk anymore that Georges W Bush was giving to the USA.

I can't believe that those idiots who voted for Pbama fell for that kind of stupid gulible crap.

It shows how much they are Americans who hate America just like Pbama's pastor for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright who used to say:

"Not God bless America, God damn America."

Does USA haters from within get what they diserve, they'd be the first to go if Iran, China or North Korea was to take over USA.
Now that Michael Jackson is dead, there is only one that I can see doing the moonwalk to divert attention as much as Bill liked to play the sax to entertain people:

Barrack Hussein Obama is our new Michael Jackson.

Come on, Barrack, let's do thriller, beat it or billie jeans together!!!
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