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Friday, August 31, 2007

ACLU Perv Pleads Guilty
To Child Pornography

I've been following this story and I don't know how I missed this August 1 item.

From American Daily: (Emphasis mine):

    The former head of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU pled guilty last month in an Alexandria, U.S. District Court to child pornography charges. Despite Charles Rust-Tierney's high profile position and the incredibly vile material he regularly purchased, the mainstream press is as silent about his guilty plea as they were when he was arrested five months ago.

    His plea agreement stated that the images of child pornography he downloaded were of "sadistic or masochistic conduct."

    Rust-Tierney who was president of the Arlington, Va. Little League and also coached football and soccer, confessed that he had received over 850 pornographic images of children as young as four years-old. Police also discovered a six-minute video which depicted small children being sexually brutalized set to music by the band Nine Inch Nails. He ordinarily viewed the disgusting images on a computer located in his 10 year-old son's bedroom.

    The ACLU president used his credit card to buy the material from various child pornography websites on many occasions, for which he paid a total of $420. At some point Rust-Tierney must have been worried that his kiddy porn funds were dwindling, because court documents showed that Rust-Tierney e-mailed a website asking for free access to a video which sold for $100. To his sickening delight, the webmaster complied and sent him a free link to the material.

    Prosecutors have been able to identify more than 30 individual child victims shown in the images collected by Rust-Tierney. The pictures and videos were produced overseas as well as inside the United States.

    Rust-Tierney faces up to 20 years in prison for his crimes. However, in a deal with his attorneys, prosecutors have agreed to ask for a prison sentence of 8 to 10 years.

    In addition to his duties with the ACLU and the Little League, Rust-Tierney worked in the Washington D.C. Public Defender Service. Another frightening bit of information on this monster is that since 1990, he has worked exclusively with mentally ill defendants. It is not a tremendous leap to assume that someone of his character would sexually exploit people with diminished mental abilities, just as he enjoys exploiting children.

    So why has the press chosen to ignore this story?...Could it be because the ACLU often fights for the ability of sexual deviants to exploit and indoctrinate children, and the MSM does not want more Americans to connect the dots on that terribly harmful and perverse organization? The ACLU continues to defend the North American Man Boy Love Association, a group dedicated to grown men raping little boys...However, you can bet the farm that you will never see NBC's Chris Hansen exposing the child predators of the ACLU!

    The one excuse that the liberal press will use for not going after Rust-Tierney and the connection between child molesters and the ACLU, is that Rust-Tierney was not the president of Virginia's chapter at the time of his arrest (His term lasted from 1993-2005.). However, that argument is nullified by the fact that he remained an active member of the group's board of directors, he resigned that position the day he was arrested in February.

    It is obvious that the liberal press is always willing to protect their own, even at the expense of innocent children.

    - Dave Gibson

An ACLU'er - hmmmmm - why, you don't suppose Tierney is also a Democrat and uber Liberal, do you?

Oh, those Good Olde Fashioned Democrat Family Values.

There has to be a very special place in Hell reserved for the likes of Tierney. I hope he travels there soon.

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