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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama's $700,000 Berlin Speech

And The Insane Liberal Clown Posse and The Obama Cultists made an issue of the $150,000 clothing and accessory money allocated for Sarah Palin?

Well, it seems Barack Hussein Obama, Junior spent $700,000 on his Berlin, Germany speech this past summer. The Washington Times:

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama paid a German company nearly $700,000 for staging, sound and lighting services at the time he delivered a speech this past summer in Berlin and declared himself a "citizen" of both the U.S. and the world.


    The German company, whose Web page says it specializes in theater and event management, is listed as a disbursement recipient on Mr. Obama's most recent campaign expenditures report, filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission.

You all remember his Berlin speech, right? The one where he spoke what Liberals used to call Republican code words for "one world government" and a "new world order."

Yeah...that speech.

I wonder...he couldn't find an American company with American workers to do what the German company did? Huh. So much for jobs for American companies and American workers.

"Ich bin eine große Steuer und Geldverschwender."
("I am a big tax and monetary squanderer.")

What was the cost of The Affirmative Action Candidate's speech at Invesco Field, complete with foam and latex Greek Columns? I haven't run across the figures for that at Open Secrets in their candidate expenditure data, but have heard it estimated between one and three million dollars.

See, for all you math-challenged Obama Cultists out there, $700 Grand is much more money than $150 Grand. And $1-3 Million is a way lot more money than $150,000.

I'm anxious to surf all the little good goober Obama Cultist web sites who, no doubt, have written several posts criticizing Obama for spending the amounts of money he has for spectacles like the Berlin speech and Invesco Field. I mean...if they wrote posts chastising the $150 Grand for Sarah Palin, why, they must really be outraged at the amounts Obama is spending.



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