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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Joshua Williams Gets A DUI

Joshua Williams...Joshua Williams...does the name ring a bell? It should.

Joshua Williams is the Dakota County (Minnesota) Deputy who, responding to a non-emergency call, hit and killed motorcyclist Bill Wallace. From a previous post:

    Billy Wallace, age 58, was riding his motorcycle last August. Joshua J. Williams, age 29, was in his last phase of training to become a patrol officer. The patrol car, being driven by Williams, did not have its lights flashing or sirens on. Williams was responding to a non-emergency call and made an illegal and sudden left-hand turn from the right lane of the highway. The patrol car ran smack into Wallace and he died three hours after the collision.

Adding insult to injury, Williams did no jail time, sentenced to only 40 hours of community service and a $300 fine.

    For Bill Wallace's family, to see the man who killed their brother sentenced to a fine and community service just doesn't seem like enough.

    "I'm not happy. I believe that he is not equipped to an officer. He showed poor judgment," says Reba Herr, Bill Wallace's sister.

    From the outset of the case, Wallace's family had hoped Williams would be charged with a felony.

Well, Williams is back in the news, this time for driving while intoxicated. Twin Cities.com:

    A Dakota County Sheriff's deputy who was on probation for a fatal accident involving a motorcyclist has been placed on administrative leave following his arrest last weekend on suspicion of DUI.

    Joshua Williams was off duty early Saturday morning when he was stopped by another sheriff's deputy along County Road 46/160th Street in Empire Township.

    The deputy clocked him driving 68 miles-per-hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone, said David Bellows, chief deputy of the sheriff's office, and detected alcohol on Williams' breath. Williams was put through a sobriety test, which he failed.

    He was handcuffed and taken to the county jail in Hastings, where a subsequent test determined his blood alcohol concentration to be .09, Bellows said. The legal driving limit is .08.

    "He was treated the same as any under suspect that's arrested for any other offense," Bellows said.

    Williams was later released and placed on paid administrative leave. A spokeswoman for the Dakota County Attorney's office said the case will be referred to Hennepin County for possible charges. ["POSSIBLE CHARGES?" POSSIBLE? WTF IS THAT...POSSIBLE CHARGES? I'd like see Joe Anybody pinched for DUI and have the County DA's office use the phrase, "Possible charges." - Drake].

    "It's clearly disappointing, this kind of behavior. We expect all of our staff to represent the Dakota County Sheriff's office in a professional manner," Bellows said. "It's highly disappointing. Frankly, it's the type of activity that we will not tolerate."

"It's clearly" and "highly disappointing," said Bellows. It's against the fucking law you asshat. I have two questions for Chief Deputy Bellows: how many more chances are you going to give Joshua Williams? How many more times are you going to enable Joshua Williams to endanger the lives of innocent people?

But wait, there's more. KSAX-TV:

    A surprising new development unfolded Thursday in the case against a Dakota County Sheriff's deputy who was arrested over the weekend for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

    During the new investigation, officials have found that Deputy Joshua Williams did not receive full punishment for his role in a fatal traffic accident that killed motorcyclist Bill Wallace in 2007.

    On Saturday, Williams was arrested for DWI in Empire Township. He was initially stopped after he was clocked traveling over 10 miles over the posted speed limit. He was arrested on Country Road 46, a short distance away from the location of the fatal accident.

    Authorities said Williams failed a field sobriety test, and was booked into the Dakota County Jail. He was released a few hours later.

    "He's got a second chance. A lot of people don't get that and it's frightening. My brother is dying in vain," said the victim's stepbrother Joe Geror.

    In 2007, Williams was convicted of careless driving. The Department of Public Safety told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that they were never notified about the careless driving conviction and Williams license was never suspended, which was a mandate of his sentence.

    After the careless driving conviction handed down to him on May 13, 2008, he was prohibited from driving county vehicles and re-assigned to court security as a bailiff.

    However, state records show Williams' license was reinstated on Oct. 7, 2008, a mere five months after his conviction.

    The Wallace family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Dakota County. The attorney for Williams declined comment.

    Dakota County Chief Deputy Dave Bellows said Williams has been placed on paid leave. Williams has worked for the county since 2000.

Not only do we have Williams and his drunken driving, we have what appears to be the Dakota County Sheriff's office, the sentencing Judge's court and the District Attorney's office FAILING TO INFORM THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY that Williams' license was supposed to be suspended! Do you think you or I would get off this lightly if you or I had done what Joshua Williams has done?

My heart goes out to the Wallace family and the friends of Bill Wallace. I hope their wrongful death lawsuit is successful beyond their wildest imagination. Not that it will bring Bill back, but enough is enough. We have here, in my opinion, a clear case of law enforcement officials protecting their own.

What's funny is that we always, constantly hear the never-ending mantra from those is law enforcement that no matter what the issue is, "if it saves one life, if it save just one life, " then whatever it is is so much worth the effort. Apparently this "if it saves one life" doesn't apply to crimes committed by those in law enforcement.

How Williams passed the psychological profile - if one was administered - for those who desire careers in law enforcement is a mystery. Clearly, in my opinion, Joshua Williams does not have, and never will have, the psychological aptitude needed in order to professionally carry out the duties of a career in law enforcement.

Three strikes, and you're out - and Williams, according to my count, has had four strikes. This fucker has no business being in law enforcement. None. Not in any capacity.



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