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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Deputy Joshua Williams Will Serve
No Jail Time For Wrongful Death

You may recall this post from February where Dakota County (Minnesota) Deputy Joshua Williams, age 29, driving erratically while responding to an emergency call - without siren activated or lights flashing - slammed his police car into motorcylcist Bill Wallace killing him.

Well, Deputy Williams will serve no jail time. He will get off lightly - extremely lightly - by serving just 40 hours community service and a $300 fine. KARE:

    A Dakota County deputy will serve no jail time for a crash that killed a motorcyclist last August.

    A judge on Tuesday sentenced Joshua Williams to 40 hours of community service and a $300 fine.

    Williams made a left hand turn from the right hand lane in his squad car in August of 2007, hitting and killing 58 year old Bill Wallace as he rode by.

    A judge found Williams guilty of misdemeanor careless driving.

    In court Tuesday, Williams turned to the Wallace family and apologized. "I am deeply sorry... I wish I could change anything from that day, but I can't."

    "That night was a horrible night," says Joe Geror, Bill Wallace's brother.

    For Bill Wallace's family, to see the man who killed their brother sentenced to a fine and community service just doesn't seem like enough.

    "I'm not happy. I believe that he is not equipped to an officer. He showed poor judgment," says Reba Herr, Bill Wallace's sister.

    From the outset of the case, Wallace's family had hoped Williams would be charged with a felony.

    The crash happened on Minnesota Highway 3. Deputy Williams was driving in the far right lane. Wallace was on his Harley using the inside lane. Williams and his partner got an emergency call and without turning on his lights or siren, Williams made a move on the road cutting off Bill Wallace.

    It was a mistake considered careless by law, but not criminal says Williams' attorney.

    "This is just a moment of distraction and he's responding to a call and all he's trying to do is serve and protect, forgot to put the signal on and tragic consequences," says Fred Bruno.

    As part of Williams' community service sentence, he'll have to speak with young drivers getting their licenses and police recruits about staying safe on the roads. Bill Wallace's family hopes at least others can learn from this fatal mistake.

    "You can't just make split decisions like this and expect nothing to happen," says Joe Geror. "One bad decision took a man's life."

    Deputy Williams still works for the Dakota County Sheriff's Department in court security.

    Sheriff's officials say the department will now do an internal investigation.

This is a complete travesty of justice.

Mr. Williams...keep on playing the role of Popeye Doyle and Serpico in your pretend little world of Cops and Robbers. Better yet, leave law enforcement to real professionals and instead find a new line of work, something far removed from law enforcement.



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