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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Please refer to my Veterans Day post for some very worthy causes as to how to help our Men and Women who currently serve in our Military, and to those who have served our country in the past.

If you can make a donation of money towards a pre-paid phone card, or donate an item (baby wipes, waterless hand sanitizer, writing materials), please do so. If money is tight, send a card and a note of appreciation to our Soldiers thanking them for their service (see the Dear Abby link at the above Veterans Day post).

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all.

I know I'm late... but I hope your thanksgiving was great. Ours was better than we planned, so that's good. Times are tough, so Arc has a part time job at Toys R Us and had to work on the infamous Black Friday. You should have read the text messages I received during those frustrating moments among the citizens who apparently forgot about the economic problems. I, too had to work on Friday, but not in retail... so I didn't get to see the carnage.

Hope your weekend has been fabulous (always love finding a way of using that word). :o)
Hi Bug, Thank You and the Same to You and Yours!

I actually wrote the post ahead of time and tried out that mode of scheduling publishing for a later time while in a Draft mode, so I guess it worked.

My/Our (family/relatives) had a pretty good time and everyone traveled to and reached their destinations safely, etc, so we are always thankful about that. Sadly, the last 4 days of pretty much fun and relaxation went by too fast.

Happy 2009. (Blink). "What?" --- that kind of fast. Ahhh, such is life.

Arc at TRU? I bet he kind of enjoys getting a firsthand view of the latest gadgest and toys. The "Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"
"Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"
"Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"
"Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"
"Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"
"Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"
"Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"
"Mommie can I have (object)." "NO!"

- must be hard to listen to though. ;-)

Retail workers really have their work cut out for them over the next month. Where would be we without them, God Bless em. They work hard and don't often hear Thank You.
So far I have not seen to many rude or miss behaved children... although I did get cussed out by some twit for not letting her into the electronics department to shop(croud contrlo) ahead of everyone who was patiently waiting in line...
She was line cutter wannabe, eh? But you stopped her? Good for you! I bet she's a Lib. Ask the next time someone does this, if they do, if they think they have a feeling of "entitlement" to crash the sale before everyone else.
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