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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Takes 767 To Hawaii

It was only earlier this week that The Obama Cultists and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse feigned outrage over Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin receiving $150,000 dollars for wardrobe and expenses.

Now we know that Socialist Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is using his 767 jumbo jet to fly from the East Coast to Hawaii (visiting his ailing grandmother) and back again.

I'm not exactly sure, but I'm pretty certain it takes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than $150,000 to fly a 767 from the east coast, to Hawaii and back again. Is the MSM reporting on the cost of Obama's flight and its carbon footprint in the same hyperventilating manner that they reported on Palin's wardrobe? Oh, hell no! The MSM doesn't want to report anything negative about The Affirmative Action Candidate. Media bias? Oh gosh no, no Media bias at all.

Consider the massive carbon footprint of Obama's trip. No Republican could get away without being criticized for this. Obama couldn't travel to Hawaii by using a smaller jet? He NEEDED a 767? Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama.

Heh, then I found this gem from the uber-Liberal TPM blog:

    Republican dirtbag Brad Blakeman was questioned on MSNBC by David Schuster about how could McCain claim to be against wasteful spending when Palin has spent over $150k on clothing. Blakeman then tried to turn the discussion to Obama's trip to visit his dying Grandmother in Hawaii. He said "Forget about the energy that is wasted, what about the hundreds of thousands of dollars to take a private trip when this guy should be humping his bags on a commercial plane or taking a smaller plane. Taking a 767 of campaign money from people who could least afford it is more of an outrage in my opinion."

    I for one have donated $25 from every paycheck to Barack Obama's campaign. I do not feel my money is being wasted for this trip. [YOU'RE A CHUMP! A CHUMP AMONG CHUMPS! - Drake] His grandmother helped mold him into the powerful leader he will be for our country. For that, my money could not be used in a better way.

Whoever wrote the above is a moron...your typical, blind, obedient Obama Cultist who cannot think for themselves. What an idiot. The Cultists are entirely subservient, willing to give up their money so that Obama can live like royalty. That's fine, it's their money. The frightening part is they insist that everyone do the same for Obama. And if you don't voluntarily do this, they want to force you to do so. These people are dangerous.


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David, You got it right! I was not arguing that Obama should not have visited his ailing Grandmother, I was merely questioning his judgment with the mode of travel. The Left attacks McCain/Palin with gusto. They claim that her RNC provided Wardrobe, (all of which will be donated to charity) was obscene. They argue against Palin traveling with her family. They hate the McCain's for their wealth, but, are silent on Obama's. The Left Blogs are bullies. If you dare to challenge them or question their favorites you are hated and blogged to death. Keep it up! And Thanks. Brad B
Brad, are you the one who wrote and posted what I quoted from TPM? If so, I'm confused. I agree his mode of travel is to be questioned considering the cost and carbon footprint of a 767 compared to a more economical way to fly to Hawaii, yet I got the impression that you approved of him spending campaign donations on such an extravagant form of travel. Again, this all depends on if you are the person who wrote what I quoted from TPM.

If I misunderstood you, let me know. And I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you may not be the moron or idiot that I think you are. Seriously.

Geez, I didn't put two and two together and think that you were the Brad Blakeman in the story. My bad!

I completely agree with everything in your comment.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Do you have any facts to support your assertion that Obama's flight to Hawaii costs more than $150k? You're entire post depends on this.
Does ANYBODY bother to do any research? Everyone's talking about Obama's 767 since that goof Blakeman said it was on MSNBC.

It's a 757 - a smaller airplane.

And you're "pretty sure" it costs "way more" than $150,00 to fly a 757 to Hawaii?

Not even close - it's about $4000 an hour - I did a google search: http://www.privatejetnetwork.com/blog/

Yes, he has to fly home , so it's about $28,000 each way. Every other cost he would have been paying anyway (housing, crew).

Google. Try it.
John, "you're entire post depends on this"?

BWA HA HA HA HA ! Let me guess, you believe Bush and Cheney are responsible for plotting and carrying out 9/11, right? And you prob believe the U.S. moon walk was done in a studio?



You are a LOSER!
Bup, (reply 1)


767 - 757...BFD.

"Last night the news was covering Obama's trip to Hawaii so as a retired flight engineer for the US Navy I went to the Boeing web site FAA web site and ran some numbers.

Obama's plane is a Boeing 757-200 and the flight if flown direct would be 4243 miles Chicago (ORD) to Hawaii's (HNL) airports or 6,829 kilometers. The plane had a flight crew of 2 cabin crew 17 passengers and about 10 security guards paid for by you and me.

His air craft burns about 3406.9 gallons and hour and flight time ORD to LAX because the plane has not the range to get all the way about 5 hours. Then LAX to HNL another 5 hours I gave him a tail wind normal flight can be up to 6 hours.

With that burn and jet fuel prices at $5.85 a gallon his burn one way came to $99651.825 or 17034 gallons of gas. How much do you use a year? So for him and 17 friends and family and the govt. 10 guards at our pay the round trip is $199303.65 just in fuel costs."


The last point from the Web I got was carbon emissions on the flight over 2,379 lbs of Co2 or 1079kg Co2E equal to 1.079 tonnes of pollution.

source: http://tinyurl.com/56d4e3
Bup (reply #2)
oops, see below Bup:

Bup (reply #2)

Barack Obama�s trips to Hawaii on a chartered Boeing 757 each cost more than twice the price of Sarah Palin�s new clothes.

Brad Blakeman, who was in charge of scheduling for President Bush, says a Boeing 757 costs about $20,000 an hour for fuel, crew, and maintenance. Since a trip to Hawaii entails 10 hours of flying time from Chicago, the total cost for each round-trip comes to about $400,000.

source: http://www.newsmax.com/kessler/obama_hawaii_plane/2008/10/26/144260.html

$28,000 each way?? - wow, you are way off. By hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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