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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Cultist Is Emotional Basket Case?

The Obama Cultists are so overly emotional and devoid of facts it's no longer funny.

Okay, it is still funny.

Get a load of what this Obama Cultist writes:

    I have Obama election anxiety. I think about him winning - or losing - all day long. I watch TV news with heightened stress and pray there is no October surprise. I fret while listening to the multi-cultural NPR shows that thoughtfully debate and discuss the impact of race, age and gender on voting. I worry about Election Day celebrations and hope that we can all keep our heads, no matter the outcome. But there is a whole other section to my Obama anxiety; my ridiculously emotional reaction to everything Obama.

    I cry when I hear the swelling of his voice at the climax of his speeches. I cry when I see pictures of him and his wife on Huffington Post. I cry when I hear Stevie Wonder. I want to throw my arms around people wearing Obama clothes.

And some people think that my terms "Obama Cultist" and Insane Liberal Clown Posse are offensive? These people are mentally deranged.

The only item the above writer forgot to add is that she wets herself and makes mud pies in her underpants when she sees or hears or even thinks about The Affirmative Action Candidate.

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If she doesn't shit herself when she sees BABs, she sure will after he hits her from behind.
I'm going to stick that Obama logo on the end of my dick and wait for her to come and hug it! ;-)
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