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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Brand Socialism

You have to hand it to The Obama Cultists. They're "okay" with Socialism as long as it's ushered in by someone like The Affirmative Action Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. What's wrong with The Cultists? Well, as usual, they're blind to facts.

Has Socialism worked in Cuba? Venezuela? North Korea? Mexico? Have you looked at the standard of living among the working class in these countries? The medical care? The unemployment rates? Do they have clean drinking water? Do they have a stable or - at least - a reasonable and safe domicile?

If Socialism is so wonderful, then why did so many Obama Cultists scream bloody murder over the $700 Billion dollar bailout? This is what Socialists do, they nationalize private businesses. Look at Venezuela and Hugo Chavez's nationalizing its oil companies. (And just to remind everyone, I was against the bailout).

Obama Cultists click their jackbooted heels together for Obama. Nazis did the same for Hitler.

If Socialism is so great, then why the outcry from The Insane Liberal Clown Posse over alleged "spying on Americans" from the Bush Administration? This is what Socialist do, they spy on their own citizens.

If Socialism is so great, why such protests from The ILCP over the alleged vote manipulation in Florida's year 2000 election and in Ohio in 2004? Socialism, no matter who is in power, steals the election from the vote of the people.

If Socialism is so great, why the whining from The Left over what they call Bush "gutting the Constitution?" This is what Socialists do, they gut the rights of the people.

If Socialism is so great - The Left loves dictators like Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro - then they should be in love with George W. Bush, whom they consider a "dictator."

If Socialism is so great, a political policy of always growing and expanding the size of government and co-opting the rights of the people, then The Left should wet their pants with glee over the expansion of government over the past eight years.

The real test is why The Lefties who love Socialism never leave the U.S. and move to a full-fledged Socialist country. Why don't they move? Because they know damn well their standard of living will sink to an untenable depth.


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Now if McCain could only make the argument as well as you DD. No that can't happen. In that imaginary world, DemocRATS would be freedom loving defender's of the Constitution, and donkey's would shit gold.
And if you look real close at some of the people in the Obama rally, they are holding their arms up in the same Seig Heil manner as the Nazis. I'm not kidding. Right click on the image, save it to your PC and enlarge it. You'll see I'm not jokin.
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