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Sunday, August 03, 2008

All Quiet On The Chappaqua Front
Means Fireworks Explode In Denver

It was a dark and stormy night. Aren't literary cliches great?

Does anyone remember Democrat presidential candidate Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton?

It seems like only yesterday that she was everywhere. We couldn't open a newspaper, view a blog or web site, watch television or listen to the radio and not see her and hear her. Yet she has all but fallen off the radar in recent weeks. Why? This is unlike her, it is unlike Clinton behavior.

It's been all too quiet lately from Camp Clinton, hasn't it? It's the quiet before the storm and I'm guessing there's going to be one hell of a storm.

What is the Clinton Crime Family planning and plotting do to at the Democrat Convention in Denver? What attempts will they make to create convention turmoil and mayhem? Is Camp Clinton now quietly planning some type of upheaval for the Denver Democrat Convention?

In June, Hillary urged party unity. This is exactly what she wants people to think - that she's for Obama.

Hillary asked of her supporters that she not be nominated at the Denver convention. NY Daily News:

    Hillary Clinton has decided against being nominated for President at the Democrats' Denver convention, but many of her more die-hard partisans may vote for her anyway.


    "Depending on the dynamics, hundreds of delegates might decide to demonstrate their support and affection," a Clinton source speculated.

This is classic Clintonian behavior;
they do the opposite of what they say and they say the opposite of what they want to happen, especially when it comes to what they expect from their base.

Many current supporters of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior considered former VP candidate, ex-Senator and former presidential candidate John Edwards as a possible VP choice on the Obama ticket. Many Obama supporters considered Edwards as someone who would be a wonderful Attorney General in an Obama Administration.

But what happened to him? What took place to all but remove Edwards as someone who could, or would, bring Obama a number of votes and as someone whose support would contribute to an Obama win? The news broke about Edwards' secret love child. And recently, more news broke that the birth certificate of this love child doesn't include the name of the father. We do know the child is a female.

Could the Clinton Camp have been the source that tipped off the National Enquirer about the Edwards-Rielle Hunter love child? I wouldn't put this past the Clintons. The first rumors about the Edwards-Rielle relationship began in October 2007 while Hillary and Edwards were still presidential candidates.

Andrew Young, who claims to be the father of Hunter's child, is very close to the Clintons. Maybe Young mentioned Edwards love child to the Clintons? Maybe Young is working undercover for the Clintons?

We know the friendship between the Clintons and Young goes back a long, long way. We also know that Young supported Hillary's presidential candidacy and that he's on record saying Obama is too young and lacks experience to be the president. We also know that Young said the following about Obama (also from the immediately preceding link). NPR:

    "Bill [Clinton] is every bit as black as Barack. He's probably gone out with more black women than Barack. [laughs] I'm clowning, but when they went to Nelson Mandela's inauguration -- there was a whole plane load of black folks who went down there. After the inauguration, there was a party. [Bill] Clinton was the one who said, "Let's start a Soul Train line!"

Where's Don Cornelius when you need him?

If Edwards isn't the father of Hunter's child, he sure doesn't act like it. He exhibits all the behavior - running away from the press, refusing to answer questions, locking himself in a bathroom - in avoiding anything concerning Hunter's baby. No innocent person behaves this way. Edwards' behavior is that of a guilty man, one who cheats on his cancer-battling wife and ends up fathering a child with another woman.

By going after Edwards, the Clintons are going after Obama. Remember...it was Edwards who endorsed Obama.

Edwards is an early Obama casualty. There will be others - you can count on it. This is how the Clintons slowly and systematically go after their enemies. This is how the Clintons operate. This is how they destroy their opponents.

Schemers scheme, plotters plot and the Clintons...well, they do what they do.

Hillary knows that she can run again in 2012 if John McCain wins this year's election. She can't run if Obama wins. This is what it boils down to for Camp Clinton. Besides, she would also have another Senate campaign to win if Obama is elected this year (and presuming he would win a second term), but she doesn't have to be concerned about it if McCain is elected. No...she can run again in 2012 without having to worry about her seat in the Senate.

The biggest threat in derailing Obama's candidacy comes not from Republicans, Conservatives or the McCain campaign. The biggest threat in derailing Obama's candidacy comes from within the Democrat party; specifically from the Clintons. The Clintons don't forgive or forget, they go for the jugular.

It's all to quiet on the Chappaqua front. Something is in the works and should unfold and explode in Denver.

It was a dark and stormy night Denver Convention.


Credit: S.T. Miller contributed to the writing of this post.
- - - - -

In a semi-related story, the big-tent, tolerant, all-inclusive Democrat Party kicked out of their party a Clinton delegate who said she would rather support McCain than Obama. Chicago Tribune:

    Debra Bartoshevich, a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton during the presidential primary season, learned the hard lesson of that indiscretion when Wisconsin Democrats bounced her as a delegate to the party's national convention because she said she'd vote for Republican Sen. John McCain in November.

    The 41-year-old nurse and mom of two from Waterford was a pledged delegate to Clinton who told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after Clinton dropped out that she would vote for McCain, not Sen. Barack Obama.

Take just a moment to consider if the reverse had happened; if Hillary was the nominee and an Obama delegate had been bounced as a delegate because that person said they support McCain instead of Hillary.

Oh, those wacky and rabid Obama Cultists...you're either with them, or you're against them! They're so tolerant, such big-tenters!

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Rielle Hunter of the John Edwards story: The $9,644 judgment and her ex who
is also an attorney

Thanks for the link. I found it very interesting. I find John Edwards to be a rotting chunk of fecal matter with a $1200 haircut.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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