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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John Edwards And His Love Child

Democrats DID NOT want to believe this story when it first came out. The National Enquirer:

    Vice Presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards was caught visiting his mistress and secret love child at 2:40 this morning in a Los Angeles hotel by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

    The married ex-senator from North Carolina - whose wife Elizabeth continues to battle cancer -- met with his mistress, blonde divorcee Rielle Hunter, at the Beverly Hilton on Monday night July 21 - and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER was there! He didn't leave until early the next morning.


    ...a months-long NATIONAL ENQUIRER investigation had yielded information that Rielle and Edwards, 54, had arranged to secretly meet afterward and for the ex-senator to spend some time with both his mistress and the love child who he refuses to publicly acknowledge as his own.

    The NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke the story of Edwards' love child scandal last year, when Rielle was still pregnant and Edwards was still considered a strong candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.


    Rielle had reserved rooms 246 and 252 under the name of the friend who had accompanied her from Santa Barbara, Bob McGovern. Rielle was in one room and McGovern was in another with her baby. This allowed her and Edwards to spend time alone, a source revealed.

    Edwards went out of the hotel briefly with Rielle, they were observed by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and then went back to her room, where he stayed until attempting to sneak out of the hotel unseen at 2:40 a.m. (PST). But when he emerged alone from an elevator into the hotel basement he was greeted by several reporters from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

    Senior NATIONAL ENQUIRER Reporter Alexander Hitchen asked Edwards why he was visiting Rielle and whether he was ready to confirm that he was the father of her baby.

It certainly is nice of John The Sissy Edwards to be boffing some other chick and producing a "love child" while his wife is battling terminal cancer, isn't it?

Why, didn't Edwards spend a lot of time during his presidential campaign talking about "family values"? Who knew he meant "several families with several women and several children" while cheating on his cancer-stricken wife?

Oh, Those Liberals! They're just so full of love and compassion they just can't help themselves!

Remember how this story was blacked-out and shunned by the MSM? The MSM would never do this if Edwards were a Republican. No, if it had been a Republican politician's "love child" that story would have been front and center 24/7.

Remember the accusations from the Left about the divorce(s) of Newt Gingrich or how they treat John McCain or Rudy Giuliani about their divorces? It sure will be interesting to see if The Left treats The Sissy in the same manner and hold him to the same standards that they do Republicans. My guess is they won't (yeah, I'm going out on the edge with that prediction).

Time to apply another set of "blinders" over the "blinders" on the "blinders" The Lefties are already wearing! Dig that hole of hypocrisy and denial just a little bit deeper.

So much for Edwards as a VP for The Obamalith! Bwa ha ha ha! Watching Liberals go out of control is fun!

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Is John Edward's private life that important ? Is this story a Republican Smear Campaign ? Politics and the media are are just brutal. Amazingly, as things were going so well for Barack Obama, all of a sudden this story hits the wire. Conspiracy or Fact ?

I'm not sure where you're comin' from Pete.

"Politics and the media are just brutal." Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, the media - the Liberal Owned Media - has been brutal on Bush and Cheney for almost 8 years now while applying a different standard - a soft-glove approach - to Liberals.

I don't see the Edwards story negatively hurting The Illinois Muslim's candidacy much, only that Edwards can now (because of the love child story) in no way be Obama's VP.

If the Nat'l Enq story isn't true, why didn't Edwards appear on every Liberal-favored network and deny the story? He didn't deny it because it's true. He boinked some other chick while his wife battles cancer. Oh, how the Libs would have a field day with this if Edwards were a Republican.

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