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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama Says Same As Bush;
Now, Lefties Love It

Words matter. Just words? Words are not just words. They matter.

Wait. On second thought, words don't matter. They are not something heavily weighted in terms of their meaning or what they describe. Words are meaningless. They have no value.

Hang on, now. Maybe words do mean something. Maybe they aren't meaningless.

Yes, they are.

No. They aren't.

Well, maybe it's not the words, but who says them. Maybe that's all it takes for the Obama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse...it only depends on who says what they want to hear. And sometimes what they may not want to hear.

Back in March of this year, Obama said - speaking about the Iraq War, "I will listen to the generals on the ground."

Obama also said this as recently as his appearance in Fargo, North Dakota where he famously reversed himself on his "immediate withdraw" promise earlier in his campaign.

On September 15, 2006, speaking about the Iraq War, President George W. Bush said, "I'll listen to generals." Bush has always said he lets the generals on the ground make the calls. Always.

So...I guess Obama is just like Bush, in this regard. Disappointed yet, Obama Cultists? The Obamalith promised you immediate withdraw from Iraq. You bought up his rhetoric in droves. You're not going to get it. How does that buried and deeply denied rage inside you make you feel?


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