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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Obama Flips On Iraq War

Here's the short version of all the crapola on Osama Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and his stand on the Iraq War.

He campaigned as the candidate who will pull U.S. Troops out of Iraq. He was the anti-War candidate. The candidate of the Far, Far, Over-The-Edge Insane Liberal Clown Posse. His Cultists, equally anti-war and anti-America haters, fell and swooned with every word spoken by The Obamalith. He was anti-Iraq war, that's all that mattered to his Cultists.

Then, this past Friday, on July 4th, campaigning in North Dakota, Hussein Obama Junior said he would be refining his stance on the Iraq War.

One person's refining is another's flip-flopping. This is not so much of an issue.

The issue is this: Can he continue to disappoint his base to the point where they will see him for the fake, forged, phony inexperience Chicago politician that he is? And will this happen before election day?

He's not heavy, he's their Cult Hero Messiah:

Believe. Just Believe.


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Gosh who saw that coming?

What kinda shoes?
Gosh who saw that coming?

What kinda shoes?
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