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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obama Gets The Nom, But
The News Cycle Is All About Hillary

Last week I wrote about the Clinton Crime Family's brilliant orchestration of the Media. They do this well, perhaps better than any other politician. They are masters of Media manipulation, focus and refocus. They are; complimenting them on this doesn't mean I agree with their message - I don't. I'm simply acknowledging that no one manipulates the media better than they do.

On Tuesday night The Affirmative Action Candidate was crowned as the Democrat Nominee. But what is the subject of Wednesday's news cycle? It's not The Obamalith, it's Hillary Clinton. This has to be driving Obama Cult Followers mad and this is what the Clinton's counted on. It's great strategy. Like I said, no one does Media Monopoly better than the Clinton Crime Family.

No one can get back lost time and for every moment that's devoted to Hillary, it is time lost that isn't focused on - and cannot be regained - by
Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

Once again, the John McCain Campaign could learn a lot from Hillary, Incorporated; but McCain is too much of a stubborn Maverick to do so.


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