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Thursday, April 17, 2008

McCain Is Too Old

John Murtha wants to tell you why today stinks. Today, and every day.

U.S. Congressman and Defeatocrat from Pennsylvania John "Madman" Murtha
on Wednesday said that Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is "too old" to be president." Murtha is four years older than McCain.

Heh - oh that Murtha, the guy who if he wasn't busy being the Pork King of Wasteful Spending and not serving in the House, he'd be on his porch, wearing a straw hat, just a few houses down the block from you, yelling at kids to stay out of his yard and off his lawn.

Democrat Tom Lantos, who died in February was 80 years old and still serving in Congress having been re-elected to his 14th term.

Robert Byrd, the long serving U.S. Senator from West Virginia and former Ku Klux Klansman is 89 years old, having just been re-elected in 2006...doing that math that would have made him 87 then.

It must be okay to be old, as long as you have a pulse and can occupy a seat in the Senate or House, keeping it just warm enough so that it stays "Democrat."

For all the attempts by Osama Hussein Bin Obama to smear merchant McCain over this issue of age, Obama was certainly supportive and helped fundraise for 87-year old Bob Byrd. And this story is so rich because it's reprinted at Common Dreams, about as Far Left as you can get, from the March 31, 2005 Charleston Gazette:

    Early Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., sent an appeal over the Internet urging people to contribute to the re-election campaign of Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va.

    In less than 24 hours, more than 15,000 contributors gave $634,000 to Byrd’s campaign, according to the National Journal’s daily Internet publication “Hotline.” The average donation was about $42.25.

    In Obama’s appeal, sent out by the MoveOn Political Action Committee, he wrote, “In 2006, Senator Byrd will be the target of Republicans because he stands up for what he believes. Will you join me in supporting Senator Byrd’s campaign for re-election, before a critical deadline this Thursday?”


    Obama closed his Tuesday letter by stating, “A Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate would mean a real change in the priorities of Washington, but more importantly, it would provide significant change for everyday people across America.

    “Remember, in order to win back the Senate majority, we need Robert Byrd.”

Ahhhhh, yes, just two short years ago Obama steadfastly supported the re-election of someone who was 87 years old. My, how two short years and different political ideology make a difference.


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