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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tom Lantos At Room Temperature

Tom Lantos, finally dead

U.S. DemocRAT Congressman from California
Tom Lantos has assumed room temperature. BBC News:

    Veteran Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor to serve in the US Congress, has died.

    Mr Lantos, 80, a member of the House of Representatives for California, passed away on Monday morning. He had been suffering cancer of the oesophagus.

    He chaired the influential House Foreign Affairs Committee and called for greater US action on human rights in China, Darfur, Burma and Russia.


    Mr Lantos, who was first elected in 1980, used his chairmanship of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to focus on human rights issues.

    In October last year, his committee passed a measure to describe the 1915-17 mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide, a move that provoked Turkey's fury.

    In November he attacked Yahoo executives over their company's actions that led to the jailing of a dissident Chinese journalist.

    "While technologically and financially you are giants, morally, you are pygmies," Mr Lantos said.

All-righty then.

Lantos was a Liberal Piece of Sh*t.

Even uber-Liberal tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist Wayne Madsen had nothing nice to say about Lantos.

Writing for the very liberal Counterpunch on February 15, 2003, Madsen had this to say about Lantos:

    He is a fake, a phony and a complete fraud. He constantly stresses his victimhood: first as a Holocaust survivor in Nazi-run Hungary and then as a refugee when the Communists took power. He fancies himself as the leading human rights specialist on Capitol Hill. In fact, this odious so-called Democrat is a master of deception and propaganda and a wallower in corrupt campaign money.


    Lantos, who represents California's 12th District (San Mateo), has a history of just plain lying and intimidating others in order to push his sordid agenda.

    He once told Clinton White House security chief Craig Livingstone, who was testifying before a House committee on the so-called "Travelgate" matter, that he should think about committing suicide. Lantos, who sounds a lot like Bela Lugosi, told the beleaguered aide, "At least Admiral Boorda had the decency to commit suicide," a reprehensible reference to the tragic suicide of the Chief of Naval Operations.


    Lantos' venomous brand of politics has earned him scorn from many of his House colleagues, especially those in the Congressional Black Caucus. Always quick to accuse those who don't stand with Israel of being anti-Semitic, Lantos is intolerant of African-American members who have accused the international diamond industry of responsibility for a large share of Africa's bloody civil wars and torment.


    In 1992, high tech entrepreneur Glenn Tenney challenged Lantos in the Democratic primary. Although Lantos is well-known for his arrogance in Washington, Tenney and his supporters pointed out that this haughtiness extended to the constituents of the 12th District as well. But Lantos, who is propped up partly with the infusion of campaign funds from mob-controlled unions at San Francisco International Airport, remained invulnerable to the challenge.

    Although Lantos's biography says he is the only Holocaust survivor to have ever served in Congress, it glosses over the fact that his wife, also a Holocaust survivor, and two daughters left the Jewish faith and are practicing Mormons.

GFR, Lantos - GFR.

Another Angel received its wings thanks to Lantos.


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