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Friday, April 04, 2008

Another Day, Another Ed Schultzian Rant About John McCain's Temper

On Wednesday
I wrote about Liberal Talk Radio's Ed Schultz's unrelenting and unwarranted rant, full of hyperbolic and inflated fear tactics (see how the Liberals use and play the "fear card"?) regarding John McCain's so-called temper.

Well, if the temper of a politician or candidate is such an important issue, as I wrote on Wednesday, we should apply the same Schulztian standard to Hillary Clinton. We've all heard the stories of her temper tantrums of throwing dishes and ash trays at Bubba and her vicious and hurtful treatment of staffers and underlings.

There is another candidate running for political office whose temper tantrums, short fuse and anger are widely known for being out of control, abusive, mean-spirited and fiercely malicious.

We should be examining this person's temper problems as microscopically close as Ed is examining the temper of McCain.

The candidate with the harsh and nasty temper and demeanor is Democrat Al Franken, who is running for U.S. Senate in the state of Minnesota. All you have to do is a Google search using the terms (sans quotation marks) "Al Franken's temper." You will be deluged with numerous stories supporting that FrankenFreak suffers from a classic and textbook case of Napoleonic complex.

Little Man, Short Fuse, Vile Temper=Al Franken

Go ahead, Ed, put FrankenFreak under the scope and examine his temper. You're not afraid to do that, are you, Ed? You wouldn't hold FrankenFreak to a different standard because he's a Democrat and McCain is a Republican, would you Ed?

Ed? Ed? Hello...?


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