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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ed Schlutz Wonders About John McCain's Temper And Short Fuse

Liberal Radio Talker Ed Schultz hyperventilating during the opening his radio program on Wednesday saying that John McCain has a temper and asking what is McCain doing to control his temper. Schultz asked if McCain sought some type of counseling or if McCain is taking medication for temper control.

Ed said he wants someone as the president who is, "smooth." Oh, so you want a car salesman in the White House? You want another Slick Willie as president? Why didn't you just say so then?

Well Ed, why don't you tell us about your out of control temper, the widely reported stories of how you used to slap around and beat your first wife Maureen, and what you did to overcome it...um...if you did.

Ed, you're the man who knows firsthand about temper control issues. Did you feel like a tough guy after you turned Maureen's face black and blue? Did it make you feel like a HE-man hearing her cry and weep from the physical abuse you inflicted on her?

Tell us Ed, tell us. Share your own personal story of your short fuse and out of control temper.

Let me take a guess at how Ed's wife abuse went down. You'd slap her around, right Ed? She'd try to get away from you, but you'd grab onto her, holding her tightly as you slapped her around some more. She'd be crying - maybe bleeding - but you just kept on cuffing her over and over. You'd tell her to stop crying and she couldn't, and you'd pop her a few more times with a fist. Maybe she locked herself in a room hoping the door would keep you out, but it didn't. You'd break the door down and go right back to slapping her around. Later, maybe an hour - or a day or two - later, you promised you'd never do it again. You'd look at her black and blue spots, the puffiness of her skin, the bruises and say you were sorry; that it would never happen again. But soon you'd return to beating her all over again.

Am I close to accurately describing what it was like for Maureen living with you Ed? Tell us, Ed, tell us.

Oh Ed, you can say that you're not running for political office - thank God - but that doesn't absolve or forgive anyone for wife abuse, does it Ed? Tell us Ed, tell us - you have to be a textbook case on anger and temper control issues.

The irony is not only with how Ed treated Maureen. We have all heard the stories of Hillary Clinton's short fuse and temper, throwing dishes and ash trays at Bubba, of her screaming and yelling at staffers, assistants and underlings. Why doesn't Ed examine her temper control issues? Well, because both Ed and Hillary harbor out of control tempers and have short fuses.



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