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Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

What an intense and heart-pounding last five minutes of the Super Bowl.

I predicted that the Giants would win, although I was off-the-mark on the final score. But then again, so were most the so-called sports "professionals" almost all who all picked the Patriots and who also predicted a much higher final score.

I'm ecstatic that Patriot coach Bill Belichick was handed a defeat and ironically it was in the game that really, really counted and mattered. In the brief post-game interview with him, I thought his big fat head was going to explode from anger and sadness.

It was also sweet victory because we know that both John Kerry and Ted Kennedy were cheerleaders for the Patriots. Does anyone know if Ted passed out from acute alcohol ingestion before the game ended? Did he manage to even make it until halftime?

Speaking of halftime, the halftime show was what any Super Bowl halftime show should be thanks to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers'. No rock-the-vote messages, no pontificating about anything; just good ole' rock 'n roll! And who else to do it any better than Petty? Fantastic, simply fantastic.


I'm from Jersey? You from Jersey? The Giants rule! GD I've never been so happy to see an undefeated team lose. Now where's my fa-king beer?
No, not from NJ. Born in the state of Looney Liberals.

I TOTALLY AGREE, I too have never been so happy to see an undefeated team lose. You nailed it, as you always do Molson!

I don't know if Kerry and Kennedy passed out, but I think Kennedy vented his frustration after the game by drowning a young woman.
Kennedy is known for that type of behavior, no doubt about it.

Thanks for visiting and commenting Don.
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