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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Happy, Joy Joy; Three Years Here!

It's three years today that I began this blog and almost 3,000 posts published.

I'll be here. Wherever you can look - wherever there's a fight, so that the truth will prevail, I'll be there. Wherever there's a Liberal or a Progressive beatin' up a Conservative, Republican, Independent or a Libertarian - I'll be there. I'll be in the ways guys yell when they're mad at the lies, tactics, hypocrisy and smear campaigns told and used by the Liberals and Progressives. I'll be in the way kids laugh when they know a Liberal or Progressive is using them by claiming that something is "for the children." And I'll be there when the Liberals and Progressives are tryin' to steal the elections - I'll be there too.

With apologies to The Grapes of Wrath, but go ahead and call it plagiarism if you want, I mean, if Ted Kennedy's Poodle can plagiarize with abandon, so can I, right?



Alright, come down off your damn high horse. Whatever the Hell that means; seriously, I really do not know what that actually means. I knew that you, Travis, Tom, Pam, Basil, and I all started around the same time. How in the Hell have you published three thousand times? Are you simply a computer program and not a human? I haven't even posted 1000 times, do you think that there is an Equal Opportunity for Posting? There should be. Immediately, I claim the rights to minimally seven hundred of your posts. I will give you the password to my blog and you can start uploading them tomorrow, so we can have the equality that we are supposed to have. You have damaged my self-esteem and it is unfair!

Free Healthcare! Yay!

Oh, congrats, machine with software thing.
3000 times, really? What the Hell?
I am going to post 3000 comments, right here in celebration.

Uh, would you mind turning that moderation thing off to make it easier?
Is this four?

Damn, this is going to take forever.
Three years of fragging libertards with facts. Keep up the good work DD and congratulations.
Major congrats, David!

Glad we're on the same side...
Heh - Two Dogs! Not counting what I will publish later today, the blogger dashboard lists my posts at 2,932. And I can only recall three posts that I published and then spiked - i.e. pulled them from my blog - in other words UNpublished them.

Some posts have been simply images or phoshopped works I've done.

Nope, no computer program that is writing or publishing for me. It's all done the olde-fashioned way, sitting at the keyboard. Periods of being laid off and a company I worked for closing gave me extended periods of time to blog as well.

You have 2,996 more comments to submit to reach 3,000. Get to work!

Thanks for the kind words. I'm with a great bunch of bloggers, you, Butch, Basil, Travis (we gotta nag Travis to get back to the keyboard more often, btw), Molson, TC, GuyK, Cranky (Balance Sheet), Leffingwell (Crush Liberalism), Don Long (Shaved Ape), Ogre, Miss O'Hara, GroovyVic -- IN SHORT -- EVERYONE on my blogroll. I think highly of every one of them and I'm honored and flattered that they link to me and I am only too happy to link to them.
Thank you Molson! You're comments here have been and will continue to be appreciated. You've helped me think outside the box in approaching what I write sometimes about the Libs - whether you are aware of it or not. You always bring originality and creativity to the table.
Thank you Butch! I am glad you're on our team. As I wrote above, respoinding to Two Dogs, I appreciate and learn from all the good folks on my blogroll and you have always brought new and different insights to the various issues being discussed and written about in the blogosphere and the news cycle. And you find some of the neatest on-line games to play that are out there. Thanks for the kind words. Right back at 'ya!
happy happy joy joy joy third year Dave!
Thanks EC! Back at ya, brother! Thanks for your support and kind words over the years.
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