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Monday, January 21, 2008

Prediction Update And Hillary's Win

So far, my predictions for the primaries has been fairly accurate.

My predictions in South Carolina and Nevada were pretty much on the money.

John McCain won South Carolina with 33%, Mike Huckabee was second with 30%, Fred Thompson was third with 16%.

Here was my prediction for the Republicans in South Carolina:

    John McCain wins it by a 3-4 point over second place Mike Huckabee.

    Fred Thompson comes in third, 5-8 points behind Huckabee.

I was dead-on with McCain-Huckabee and less accurate on the percentage between Thompson and Huckabee while being dead-on that Thompson would take third.

For Nevada I wrote:

    Hillary Clinton wins steals Nevada by 4-6 points over Osama Hussein Obama who takes second.

    The Sissy comes in third, far behind Obama.

I was dead-one with Clinton-Obama, including the point spread. AP reported that Clinton received 51% of the vote with Obama getting 45%. The Sissy trailed with a miserable 4% performance.

In other news related to the primaries, the AP reports the following on the Clinton-Obama battle:

    Obama issued a statement that said he had conducted an "honest, uplifting campaign...that appealed to people's hopes instead of their fears."

    [... ]

    [A statement from Obama campaign manager David Plouffe] accused the Clinton campaign of "an entire week's wroth of false, divisive attacks designed to mislead caucus-goers and discredit the causus itself."

    Clinton denied the accusation.

    Her campaign issued a statement citing numerous reports of voter intimidation. It also accused UNITE HERE, a union supporting Obama, of running a radio commercial that was "one of the most scurrilous smears in recent memory." The ad, broadcast in Spanish, said Clinton "does not respect our people" and called her shameless.

The Hillary Clinton campaign alleging that an opponent's campaign used dirty tactics. Now is that rich, chocolaty, nougaty, caramel rich?

Look...make no mistake about it, Hillary will be the next president. We can continue pretending that Obama, or McCain, or Romney have a chance - but they don't. I have repeatedly written Hillary will be anointed by the MSM as the Comback Kiddress, portraying her the same as they did with Bubba. Nothing is going to impede her path to winning stealing the November election. Come November, those Diebold voting machines and optical scanners will all be rigged to convincingly win both the popular and electoral vote, catapulting her to the presidency. I'd like to be wrong.



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