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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pelosi Can Save Money!

I know of a way Nanny Pelosi can save money. It's not taxpayer money - sadly - but she can save some of her own money! Maybe she can use this idea as a learning tool and apply the general idea to saving the taxpayer's money - who knows.

Actually, the idea came from a comment on this post of mine by my blog friend Molson, whose wonderful photos of Colorado mountains can be found right here at "Hiking Colorado".

Molson suggested that instead of spending money on botox injections, dermabrasion and facial implants, she could take to wearing a paper bag over her head.

And Gosh Darn it, Molson is right. Check out how much better Pelosi appears below:

Thanks for the idea and inspiration, Molson!



It's the Unknown Communist.

I like the new look, a lot!!!
It is indeed, DSL.
Why, Thank you Mister Pelosi. I imagine that keeping your eyes closed has its restrictions.
Oh heavens DD. You know I should never be the inspiration for anything. Just think of the harm it could do to the children ;-)

I do have to admit though, that is one mighty fine use for a paper bag. I wonder if it needs to lead lined though to help contain the radioactive ugly. :-O
Yeah, the children , I forgot about them.

Hey you had a great idea. Even Mr. Pelosi thanks you for it!

I think the Chinese make a lead-lined paper bag but it got recalled.
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