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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nanny Pelosi's Flowers

"Let there be flowers!"

The Hill
reports that Nanny Pelosi
is putting taxpayer money to good use by spending over $16 thousand dollars on flowers:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spent $16,000 on flowers since taking office, one reason why she spent 63 percent more in her high-profile inaugural year than her low-key predecessor did last year.

    Pelosi (D-Calif.) spent a little more than $3 million in the first nine months of 2007, records show, compared to the $1.8 million Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) spent during the same period in 2006.


    Republicans say Pelosi’s office spending undercuts her message that Democrats are restoring fiscal responsibility to the halls of Congress.

    “They could have saved the taxpayer $16,000 by sending out an intern to pick flowers from the Capitol lawn, but I guess that would have detracted from the $4 million worth of pork they planted as part of the ‘greening’ project,” said Brian Kennedy, spokesman for [House Minority Leader John] Boehner [(R-Ohio)].


    Most of the $16,058 that Pelosi charged taxpayers for flowers, Elshami said, was for the visits of foreign dignitaries, such as Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Jordan’s King Abdullah.


    While Hastert didn’t appear to spend any money on flowers last year, bouquets are not new to Pelosi’s office. She spent about $5,000 on flowers last year when she was minority leader.


    Another factor in the disparity is travel. Hastert didn’t bill much official travel last year, spending only about $1,700, while Pelosi racked up many times that at nearly $60,000 — a figure that does not include her “congressional delegation” journeys to Europe and the Middle East. It does, however, include many visits to congressional districts.


    Other expenses in Pelosi’s office include:

    • A $10,000 contract to former Clinton White House speechwriter Heather Hurlburt to write the speech Pelosi delivered to the Israeli Knesset.

    • Nearly $20,000 to Washington attorney Richard Meltzer to help with Pelosi’s transition. “Just like a presidential transition, Richard Meltzer was hired to oversee the historic changeover of Congress,” Elshami said.

    More than $2,400 to hire a makeup artist for the week of her swearing in. Pelosi later reimbursed the entire cost from her personal funds.


    Money is distributed evenly between the Republicans and Democrats for those functions, and the party leaders decide how to allocate them.

    Under that calculation, Republicans spent 18 percent less than they did last year while Democrats’ spending rose 4 percent over last year. Democrats, however, say that is not a legitimate comparison.

Boehner is exactly right.

$2,400 for a make-up artist, and Nanny STILL looks like the south end of a northbound horse? What a waste of money that was.

And as far as the Dems claiming that the comparison of the Republicans spending less than the Dems - of course the Dems are going to cry their usual whine of "it's not [a] faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair comparison." Nothing is ever fair in the minds of LiberTards.

Now we know why Nanny
did nothing to address the recent House Page Sex Scandal. And why she didn't have time to meet with General David Petraeus. She was too busy - in between botox injections and dermabrasion appointments - spending taxpayer money on flowers. And finding a make-up artist to paint her face and fill in the cracks with spackle...Pelosi Brand Spackle, no doubt.

If she were a REAL Liberal and Progressive - if she were a REAL believer in Mother Earth - she would buy plastic flowers instead of killing defenseless real flowers.

I'm certain that Olmert, Sarkozy and King Abdullah still speak of the wonderful floral arrangement that Peloshit organized for them.

The Dems, Libs and Progs sure can spend the taxpayer money, can't they?

Maybe it will take a woman to "clean up the House." But clearly, Peloshit is not that woman.


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Groovy Vic


I might suggest that Pelosi could best spend some tax payer nickels on a paper bag with two eye holes cutout to wear over her neck wart. Err. I mean head.
That would be the most cost efficient thing she could do to improve her looks! Maybe I will photoshop an image of her wearing a paper bag. That's a great idea. I will give you credit.
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