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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jeanne Weigum Bitter Over
Electronic Billboards

Jeanne Weigum, The Queen Bee Of Social Engineering

Jeanne Weigum, The Queen Bee Of Social Engineering, is at it again. This time her Cause célèbre - besides being a full time bitch and anti-cigarette smoking whore - is
Electronic Billboards. Writing a guest editorial in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, The Queen Bee Bitch says:

    Billboards are visual blight. They often obscure scenic views, have lights that shine in residential properties, distract drivers from the road, increase the cost of redevelopment and can lower adjacent property values. Electronic billboards cause all those problems and more.

    Electronic billboards are jumbo visual pollution.


    If a billboard must be removed because of normal highway improvement, the city or state might need to compensate the billboard company for lost revenue. If electronic billboards are allowed along I-35 and I-94 as proposed, and if studies and experience show them to cause a dramatic increase in traffic accidents, removing them could cost millions in compensation to billboard owners..

Oh well, it's so clear now, isn't it? Weigum is fine with raiding the profits of tobacco companies that make a legal product when her enterprises are on the receiving end of the money, but she objects to compensating the owners of billboards if or when they have to be removed. This woman has to Sieg Heil and goose-step in her home after she pulls shut the curtains.

Jeanne, what are you doing living in a city? Buy yourself a chunk of land in the middle of nowhere, perhaps somewhere in the Northwest Territories near the Arctic Circle where you will be far, far away from civilization, smokers and billboards. You are a blight to civilized society and need to remove yourself from from all aspects of human activity. Clearly human activity and human life upsets you, thus, please...please go away. I'm tired of waiting to read your name in the local obituary column. You've overstayed your welcome on planet Earth. Move on or move away.

Weigum, according to a story published at Rominger Legal News, said of electronic billboards:

    "They are ugly. Why would we want them?"

Well, Jeanne, I think you're ugly. Festering anal hemorrhoid ugly. Perhaps we should do away with you. Who would want you? My scrotum has less wrinkles than your face. Your face is visual blight. You should be shunned. Please don't think what I just wrote is harsh because I've only just begun to insult this cretinous and acrimonious old bitch who has far too much time on her hands.

Weigum is a member of the group Scenic St. Paul. They think electronic billboards - all billboards, I guess - are eye pollution, a blight along the pristine four and six lane freeways that lead into and out from the city of St. Paul. Billboards along the freeways. Why, who on earth has ever observed such an outrageous and despicable form of advertising? Advertisers don't have a right to First Amendment Free Speech according to people like Mrs. Hitler Jeanne Weigum and groups like Scenic St. Paul.

I've written may times about Weigum in past columns. She is the the executive director of The New Nazi Movement The Association for Nonsmokers - Minnesota and a Member of The Merry Band Of Little Socialists who in April, 2006, said about the St. Paul city smoking ban, "the [no smoking] ban will not hurt the bar and restaurant industry." Mrs. Hitler Weigum was wrong of course. The no-smoking ban has hurt the bar and restaurant industry. But being a good little Socialist, Weigum will never allow facts to impact what she already has decided to believe.

Mrs. Hitler
Weigum is also the person who St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Joe Soucheray wrote about on November 10, 2007, noting that is was Weigum who...

    "...while out driving, noticed that a tree had been cut down at Marshall and Snelling, an oak tree. One tree. She suspected that an evil billboard company murdered the tree, though she had no evidence.

    "I have always figured that activists are people with extra time on their hands, but Weigum - she cut her teeth in the anti-smoking movement - takes the cake. Could you drive down Snelling from, say, Summit to University, and notice if a tree was missing?"

No...no one except Mrs. Hitler would notice that one, single, solitary tree had been cut down. No one else would notice this because 99.9% of the population doesn't subscribe to Stalinist measures of pretentious and holier-than-thou activism as does Mrs. Hitler Weigum.

Jeanne Weigum, causing visual blight with those sagging titties! Avert thine eyes, people!

According to a story from June, 2001 in City Pages, Wegium's activism in the non-smoking Reich dates back to 1973:

    Since 1973 Jeanne Weigum has been a fervent antismoking crusader. She started a nonprofit called the Association for Nonsmokers of Minnesota, which has tackled such issues as workplace smoking, smoke-free restaurants, and teen smoking, and she helped to enforce the 1975 Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act. In the past two and a half years, following the 1998 settlement of Minnesota's lawsuit against the tobacco industry, she has served on the board of the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco (MPAAT), a nonprofit that is responsible for using some of the $6 billion in settlement money.

    Weigum has also spent years working on St. Paul's grassroots anti-billboard campaign with all the zeal of a tireless visionary as a member of Scenic Minnesota. The city has been embroiled in a debate over billboards since 1984, when outdoor advertising was banned on Grand Avenue.

One neighborhood's "tireless visionary" is another neighborhood's "vile, ornery bitch."

Sometimes friends and associates tell me I'm being a bit cruel calling Weigum the Queen Bee Of Social Engineering. She's crusaded against tobacco - a legal product, done her best to intrude upon the private property rights of others (bars and restaurants who used to be able to legally permit customers to smoke cigarettes), bitches about one tree that was cut down and now has her XXL panties in a bundle over electronic billboards.

What should I call her, if not the Queen Bee Of Social Engineering? A meddler? A busybody? A nuisance? A pest? A snoop? Everyone knows someone like her, most of us from our childhood. She's the crabby old lady who lives in the house down the street that complains about anything and everything. Don't let your Frisbee land in her yard - you'll never get it back - she'll keep it just to teach you a lesson. I'm guessing here, Weigum is the lady who on Halloween instead of handing out candy gives out dental floss and granola bars, if she even hands out anything at all. Usually bitches like her lock the door and turn off the lights pretending they are not home for Trick and Treaters.

Let's return to the above cited City Pages story:

    In the past two and a half years, following the 1998 settlement of Minnesota's lawsuit against the tobacco industry, [Weigum] has served on the board of the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco (MPAAT), a nonprofit that is responsible for using some of the $6 billion in settlement money.


    A private nonprofit, MPAAT was formed in September 1998 by a court order. Former Ramsey County Chief Judge Lawrence D. Cohen decreed that the organization would have a board composed of 19 appointed volunteers, a full-time staff of 7, and a lifespan of 25 years. MPAAT would be expected to spend its projected $202 million share of the settlement to figure out ways to get Minnesotans to quit smoking.

How did so many of our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts ever manage to quit smoking without groups like MPAAT?

I hate math, but let's do the math: $202 Million Dollars divided by 25 years equals $8,080,000 Million dollars per year that MPAAT gets to spend. That's a monthly budget of $673,333! Whew - nice work if you can get it. Are you on the payroll, Jeanne? There's nothing better than raiding the bank account via litigation of companies that produce a legal product and using that money to set up your own little non-profit Boutique Shop of Social Engineering, is there Mrs. Hitler?

On November 30, 2007, a Gallup Poll reported results that Republicans consider their mental health status as far more healthy than do Democrats. Big shocker? Not so much.

Democrats, Liberals and Progressives wake up angry and depressed, looking for anything and everything of which to complain over. They spend the entire day in this sad-sack mental state. When it's time for bed, they fall asleep with thoughts of sadness, of believing elections were stolen, of a tree being cut down and of other people - not Democrats - having a good time in a bar or restaurant.

Democrats don't want others to have a good time. They want everyone to be as miserable as are they. In order to do this, they seek legislative action to "level the playing field", wanting to bring everyone else down to their imbalanced and unhappy low mental altitude. Why - the Gallup Poll seems to have used Weigum as their Democrat misery scale benchmark! And what a perfect person to use as that unhappy benchmark.

Jeanne is the only "Weigum" listed in the St. Paul telephone directory. I'm guessing - let me repeat, I am guessing - this is indicative that she hasn't procreated. This is a good thing as the world needs less sanctimonious people like her in it. There may be other Weigums with a unpublished phone number, or maybe other Weigums had their last name legally changed so as not to be associated with, or embarrassed by, The Queen Bee Of Social Engineering. She is listed in the phone book simply as "Jeanne" - which again moves me to guessing that she is single, divorced or widowed. Who could possibly stay married, let alone have a healthy married life, with someone who is so bitter, so meddling, so annoying, so self-righteous?

I bet Mrs. Hitler would be euphorically and repeatedly wetting herself with glee if the electronic billboards were 24/7/365 messages of anti-cigarette smoking. Or of anti-cutting down trees.

Weigum's own message is all that she cares about. She wants to silence those who may disagree with her bent and biased mentality. Weigum's voice is the only voice that matters to her, despite when facts prove her wrong. She is a typical Liberal. Not only is Weigum The Queen Bee Of Social Engineering, I bestow upon her a brand new title: She is The Queen Bee Of Stalinism, working towards suppressing all dissent that doesn't comply and conform to her egocentric narrow and specific agenda.

Weigum is the dictionary definition of why some people - people like me, for instance - would call a woman a "bitch". She is a bitch...the textbook definition of the word. Wait - I take that back...she's actually the Queen
Expletive Deleted of Social Engineering And Stalinism. Yeah, that's what she is...a Expletive Deleted .



Oh man. It sounds like you're up to your neck in libertards there in the land of falling bridges DD and to think I thought it was bad here in rusty old MI. Well it is bad, but I'm stuck here so. I'll be fine as long as the gov'ment doesn't ban beer. Never took up smoking so I'm good on that front. Never could afford it anyway with the taxes and all.
We sure do have our share of LiberTards here. And I think we have some "illegal immigrant LiberTards" too!

Good for you not taking up the cigs. I certainly don't promote anyone smoke cigarettes. But it is a legal product. If Libs are so against it, they should instead move to make it illegal. But then...they wouldn't have the revenue cigs provide.

The other thing, as I have written about in the past several times, is there was no free market demand for smoke-free bars or restaurants. Investors tooks risk in opening smoke-free bars and restaurants before it was mandated by the state, and those investors took a financial bath - no customers. Who goes to a bar for a "healthy" atmosphere?
Guess who is on record as saying these things:

"(blank) Proposes Total Ban"

"Referring to them as signs of 'visual pollution,' (blank) is spearheading an effort to try to ban all billboards from the city."

"'From my perspective, it's a matter of visual pollution. Billboards are an unnecessary intrusion on the environment.'"

"'I would like to nip this in the bud before it has a chance to become a big problem.'"

"'If we can do this legally, it's something I'm going to pursue very aggressively.'"

Let me know if you can't figure it out...

My first immediate guess was the late actor Bill Bixby ("The Incredible Hulk" TV series).

After much deep, inner reflection and contemplative thought, I reached the conclusion that the answer is the Queen Bee of Social Engineering Jeanne "Mrs. Adolf Hitler" Weigum.

Am I correct?!?!?!?!?!

I haven't read this post since I published it, although I don't regret a word I typed. She's just evil.

Look, I'm a reasonable guy. Many of the friends in my crowd that I run with are very, very Liberal. I'm a Conservative-small "L" libertarian.

I have nothing against smoking and non-smoking sections. I always preferred dining out and being seated in a non smoking section. I knew I could always go to the bar for a cig.

The entire non-smoking ban has affected property owners rights and closed businesses. Smokers and non-smokers were working things out just fine before the No Smoking Nazis came along and goose stepped on everyone.

And, considering there is no scientific evidence that second hand smoke is harmful, and considering reports that stated just that were buried, the whole second hand smoke fear is unfounded. I cite as my source the Heartland Report on second hand smoke. I may have linked to it in this post, I don't know (dont have the time right now to check).

But if you Google searched Heartland report Second hand smoke you will find it. They have evidence of the govt burying reports from doctors that said, there is no conclusive proof linking second hand smoke to any illnesses.

Second hand smoke might be an annoyance. So is the person sitting two tables away from me who bathed in cologne or perfume.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Feel free to return and give us your take on things on other areas as well.
I could've sworn I was "talking" about billboards, not smoking...

The quotee was none other than Tim Pawlenty. Better luck next time.

A Hine
Patio Row

Well, since the issues in the post mix both billboards and the Fascist No Smoking Movement, both with Frau Weigum leading the charge, she was my first guess. Well, after Bill Bixby.

If you think that I am some sort of diehard Tim Pawlenty advocate and supporter - whoa, you couldn't be more wrong.

If I'm not mistaken, you are part of, or with, Scenic Minnesota, right? So you have a vested interest and livelihood in preaching a mantra of anti-Free Trade, anti-Capitalism and anti-Free Speech...right? I mean, since you're all pissy over billboards?
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