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Sunday, April 02, 2006

St. Paul Smokers Snuffed Out!

The Merry Band of Little Socialists proudly rode the St. Paul, Minnesota, Capital City Trolley two days ago, on Friday, riding from bar to bar, tavern to tavern, touring and observing the latest developments in their Mad Scientist Social Engineering Experiments. Friday morning, at precisely 12:01AM all cigarette smoking in bars was banned. Previously, bars and neighborhood taverns were exempt from the ban if food sales were less than liquor sales. Optimistic estimates of The Merry Band of Little Socialists numbered two dozen, but for all we know, that number is exaggerated.

Newly elected St. Paul City Mayor, Chris "Little Hitler" Coleman (no relation to MN Senator Norm Coleman-R) and St. Paul Councilman Dave "Toothy Grin" Thune were among The Merry Band of Little Socialists. "Toothy Grin" Thune was the instigator of the no smoking ordinance. Please note, "Toothy Grin" Thune is 1) a smoker, and 2) grossly overweight.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press quotes "Little Hitler" Coleman as saying, "No one is going to go out of business because of this." Let's repeat that, shall we:
"No one is going to go out of business because of this." Okay, "Little Hitler", you're on record now, and as soon as one bar or neighborhood tavern closes its doors because it no longer has enough patrons to sustain its livelihood, you will be challenged on your prognostications, prognosticator that you are.

You see, it is unknown at this time what effect the no smoking policy will have on any of these establishments, and I think "Little Hitler" will be choking as he eats his words at some future point. And that will happen sooner rather than later. But let's give "Little Hitler" the benefit of the doubt, at least for today.

Ms. Jeanne Weigum, president of the Association of Nonsmokers of Minnesota, a "Queen Bee of Social Engineering" if ever there was one, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press in the big picture, the [no smoking] ban will not hurt the bar and restaurant industry. According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, The Queen Bee of Social Engineering said, "All kind of things hurt some people. Changes in the direction of a road hurt some people. But you can't look at every individual case; you have to look at the overall big picture. And in the overall big picture, we know businesses will do OK." So, like "Little Hitler" and his clairvoyant tendencies, The Queen Bee of Social Engineering must have a crystal ball in order to utter such statements! Maybe she can peer into that crystal ball and tell me the numbers that will come up in next weeks lottery!

The funny part about what The Queen Bee of Social Engineering said above is:
"...you can't look at every individual case." Well, pardon me, Queen Bee, but isn't that what the non smoking Social Engineering Cause is all about? When you and your non smoking cohorts tread out people like Heather Crowe, you are doing nothing but using a single, individual case and applying it to all others. Hypocrite!

Of course, I've never said or written that these people use any type of logical or even standard in which they apply their narrow and subjective politics, now, have I?

Minneapolis Mayor, R.T. "My Pretty Coiffure" Rybak was also on board the Trolley. Minneapolis went smoke free one year ago, and bars and restaurants did close due to lack of business because of the non smoking regulation.

Minneapolis crime skyrockets, its city Chief of Police resigns after only two years on the job, unable to put a dent in the criminal element, and where is their mayor? Why, he's riding the Trolley on the "We Stopped A Legal Product From Being Used Tour", because he's a proud, card carrying member of "The Merry Band of Little Socialists".

The Merry Band Of Little Socialists: Coleman, Rybak, Thune, Weigum

"My Pretty Coiffure" Rybak and "Little Hitler" Coleman plan to lobby for a statewide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. They want state wide no-smoking legislation so that, in their words, "it levels the playing field". Leveling the playing field by legislation instead of by Free Market? And you wonder why I use terms such as Social Engineering and The Merry Band of Little Socialists?

Try pushing your agenda in Northern Minnesota. Go ahead, travel on up there, maybe by Trolley, and pitch your plan of Social Engineering to the people there. See how your agenda is met by those folks, where having a drink and a cigarette is a ritual. Bring The Queen Bee and The Toothy Grin with you too. See if you get out with all your teeth in tact after pitching your Socialist Engineering Propaganda in Northern Minnesota.

Many bar owners are against the smoking ban and remain vigilant in their fight to get it reversed or get it on a ballot that can be voted on by the people, rather than enacted by The Merry Band of Little Socialists. I applaud these business owners and I will do anything I can to help and assist them.

Now, in all I've written in the past about the no smoking ban and the Social Engineering Socialists, let me say this; I have no issue at all if a bar or restaurant voluntarily chooses to cater to non-smokers only. But by the same token, if a bar or restaurant wants to allow smoking, which is still a legal and taxed activity, it should be allowed to do so. My biggest issue with The Merry Band of Little Socialists is that they are bypassing the Free Market and issuing law by elitist edict.

If The Merry Band of Little Socialists is so certain that non-smoking establishments would be the Thriving New Wave, then they'd have no problem letting the Free Market decide this issue for itself. But they're afraid to let it play out that way. They're afraid their Social Engineering won't pan out the way they want if the Free Market is allowed to set the stage. And that's what is scary about The Merry Band of Little Socialists.

Smokers and sympathetic Non-Smokers alike must unite and remove elected Little Socialists from office come the next round of elections. They must be replaced by Free Market individuals who won't cater to the likes of The Queen Bee and her Social Engineering Cohorts. For they are nothing more than elitists who do end-runs around the Free Market System in order to promote their agenda of Social Engineering.

Don't like what I wrote? Disagree? Then I must have hit a nerve with The Merry Band of Little Socialists because they don't want the public to see who they really are, An UnMerry Band of Little Socialists.

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Florida still allos smoking in bars that do not serve food but I don't expect that to last long before smoking is banned everywhere. I don't smoke but I will fight the anti smoking crowd because the infringement on property rights. It should be my choice whether I run a smoking or non smoking establishment.
Yeah, smoking and a cocktail going hand in hand is on its way out, all thanks to the good LiberNazi's who "know what's best".

I do smoke, but even if I didn't, I'd still have the same opinion.

My biggest gripe is how the Nons go about their little game, refusing to let the market set its own standard. Someone wants to open a no-smoking bar, good, go for it. See how long it stays in business. Someone wants to open a smoking bar/restaurant, why shouldn't they be able to do so.

Booze is next legal entity in the sites of the Social Engineers for them to ban.
Thanks JAF.
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