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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hillary The Comeback Kidress

Nobody really believes these polls about Hillary's campaign back-sliding, do they? AFP:

    Democrat Hillary Clinton would lose to all major Republican White House candidates, according to a hypothetical election matchup poll Monday, reversing her months of dominance over potential 2008 challengers.

    The Zogby International poll was the latest sign that withering attacks on the former first lady were chipping away at her opinion poll leads just 38 days before the Iowa caucuses, the first party nominating contests.


    Clinton's top Democratic challengers Barack Obama and John Edwards however would still beat their hypothetical Republican rivals in potential 2008 contests.


    An average of all previous similar polls gives Clinton a narrow lead over possible Republican candidates.

Come on people, you don't buy that crapola, do you?

All the hoopla that Hillary's campaign is in trouble is premanufactured pomp and circumstance by the MSM who pump up her "troubled campaign" who later will portray her as what I wrote this past April, the MSM portraying Hillary as the Comeback Kidress, just as the MSM portrayed Bubba as the Comeback Kid. The MSM is giving aid and comfort to the Hillary Clinton Campaign Politburo Kommitte. Big surprise? Naw...

The MSM never sold me in their hype or their hype of a lack of hype in anything Clintonian. This is only another story and poll reported and manipulated by the MSM allowing them to anoint Hillary as the Comeback Kidress.


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