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Monday, September 03, 2007

PBS - The Propaganda Broadcasting System

PBS is indeed The Propaganda Broadcasting System. The first entry to this continuing series can be found HERE.

Here is the PBS programming schedule for this week. All program descriptions below are taken verbatim from the weekly television schedule included in the Sunday Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune.

Let's see if PBS has an agenda.

    Monday, September 3
    Program: America at a Crossroads
    Description: "Inside America's Empire" - Military expert Robert Kaplan travels around the world to see how the U.S. defends against terror threats. [I'm certain that "illegal wiretapping and spying of U.S. citizens by the Bush Administration" will be mentioned as part of the U.S. Evil Empire. - Drake]

    Program: P.O.V.
    Description: "Libby, Montana"- Hundreds of people are sick or have died from exposure to asbestos in the small town of Libby, Mont. [I'm certain we will be told that the asbestos was put there by Bush and Cheney. - Drake]

    Program: Washing Away
    Description: Six Gulf Coast residents struggle to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; Susan Sarandon narrates. [I'm certain Sarandon will note how the six residents were marginalized by Bush and Cheney. - Drake]

    Tuesday, September 4
    Program: Nova
    Description: "Dimming Sun" - Research shows that the sun appears dimmer due to the increase in air pollution on Earth. [The program will undoubtedly note that this began the day Bush was inaugurated in January 2001. - Drake]

    Thursday, September 6
    Program: American Experience
    Description: "Fidel Castro" - Cuban dictator Fidel Castro survives assassination plots and deals with a U.S. embargo. [How dare PBS describe a humanitarian and saint like Castro as a "dictator"! Why, PBS is nothing but a mouthpiece for the reich wingers! - Drake]

    Friday, September 7
    Program: Bill Moyers Journal
    Description: [There is no program description so I'll make one up that can't be too far from the truth. - Drake]. Bill Moyers discusses the stolen presidential elections of year 2000 in Florida and of 2004 in Ohio. Moyers proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that global warming began with the Bush-Cheney Administration. Moyers talks to experts who all unanimously agree that Bush is Hitler. Moyers declares that Bush's illegal occupation of Iraq is an outright failure.

And of course, the hour-long Charlie Rose program airs each weeknight followed by, in many markets, the 30-minute Tavis Smiley Show. Both hosts falsely proclaim political neutrality while catering to their Liberal guests and sucker-punching Conservative guests.

No...no political agenda on PBS.



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