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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PBS - The Propaganda Broadcasting System

I like PBS, it's such a fun target for potshots. Other than the money that is taken from me without my consent to fund PBS, I have never - nor would I ever - voluntarily contribute to PBS. PBS is entirely able to pay for itself, it no longer needs taxpayer support. Not a penny of taxpayer money should go to PBS or National Public Radio.

The following is something I've been meaning to do but never got around to it until now. PBS is anything but objective, its Leftward political slant is no different than the al-Jazeera network.

The program descriptions below are taken verbatim from the weekly television schedule included in the Sunday Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune. Let's see if PBS has an agenda.

    Monday, August 27
    Program: America at a Crossroads
    Description: The Anti-Americans (a hate/love relationship): estrangement between Europeans and Americans; how other countries respond to American culture and society.

    Tuesday, August 28
    Program: Nova
    Description: "Storm That Drowned a City": A minute-by-minute, eyewitness account of hurricane Katrina; why the flood defenses failed.

    Wednesday, August 29
    Program: Masters of the Arctic Ice
    Description: Researchers try to determine how global warming is affecting the Arctic world.

    Program: Emperors of the Ice
    Description: The emperor penguin is the largest diving bird on the planet, and the only species to breed during the Antarctic winter.

    Program: Wide Angle
    Description: "The Dying Fields" - Crop failures, sinking global cotton prices and spiraling debt drive farmers to suicide at the rate of one very eight hours in the Vidarbha region of India.

Global warming, Katrina, Antarctica, penguins, the "hating" of America, global crop failures and so on and so on and so on. In the past few months PBS has also treated us to such programming as the evils of the Nixon Administration, how the U.S. is losing the war on terrorism and multiple episodes on so-called global warming.

Don't even get me started on uber-Liberal Ass-hat Charlie Rose.

And I see Drunky McWine Drinker/DUI'er Bill Moyers is back on a regular gig on PBS even though a year or two ago he claimed he was retiring. I guess that proves my theory that the only time you can really trust that a Liberal is really gone is when they are dead.

Speaking of dead Democrats, stay tuned come September 13 for the First Anniversary celebration of the death of Ann Richards the dead former Governoress of Texas. I'll be interviewing her on what her first year in hell was like.

Never forget, "Every time a Liberal dies an Angel Gets Its Wings!"



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