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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

German Terror Cell News Round Up

A Germany-based terrorist cell of Scientologists , Jews , Catholics , Christians , Episcopalians , Mormons , Muslims planning terrorist attacks has been thwarted.


    German authorities are making clear that they believe they have foiled a major terrorist plot - and add that the country remains in the firing line.

    "It has been shown once again that our country is a target of international terrorism and not just a resting or a withdrawal area for the terrorists," said the federal prosecutor at a news conference.


    Germany was used as a base for the planning of 9/11 (the so-called "Hamburg cell") but it is only recently that the sense of threat has increased, with failed attacks on trains in 2006 and also concerns over the impact of the presence of German troops in Afghanistan.

Australian Broadcast Corp.

    Three men were arrested and they are suspected members of a German cell with links to a group named Islamic Jihad Union.

    German prosecutors say the three had trained at camps in Pakistan and had bought 700 kilograms of chemicals for explosives.

    They allegedly planned to use large vehicles loaded with bombs and were targeting places visited by Americans such as nightclubs, pubs, airports and a US military base.


    Three terror suspects arrested in Germany – two Germans and a Turk – had been trained in Pakistan, in the camps run by the Islamic Jihad Union, which is the offshoot of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, The Associated Press reported.

    According to German Prosecutor General Monika Harms, all three were members of the German cell of Islamic Jihad Union and probably had links to al-Qaida.

    German secret services first paid attention to terror suspects long ago. The key targets of militants were the Frankfurt International Airport and the U.S. Ramstein Air Force Base. They also planned to attack the U.S. premises in Germany as well as the disco clubs, pubs and bars popular with the U.S. residents by placing the bombs into the cars parked nearby.


    authorities [have] foiled what the security forces believe could have been a devastating bombing campaign here in Germany.

    At a news conference, prosecutors confirmed three suspects had been arrested in a massive police operation.

    The suspects, two German nationals and one Turkish man, are all members of an al-Qaeda-affiliated organisation known as the Islamic Jihad Union, which has roots in Uzbekistan.

    'Profound hatred'

    The suspects appeared on Wednesday at the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe and they remain in police custody.

    German officials say the men, all in their 20s, had been planning a series of simultaneous car bomb attacks on a number of different targets, including American facilities in Germany, military bases, discos and pubs frequented by US citizens.

    Another target is reported to have been Frankfurt airport, one of Europe's busiest air hubs.


    The suspects had allegedly stockpiled some 730 kg (1,600lb) of hydrogen peroxide, which can be used to make explosives.

But - but - I thought Islam was a religion of peace? And hydrogen peroxide? Why - the Liberals made hydrogen peroxide a butt of their jokes not that long ago.

Yeah, let the Liberals have their way and be "in charge" and the U.S. and/or our allies can only count the days until a terrorist attack actually happens.

yah, make a crack about bleaching the hair or some other use of hydrogen peroxide without having the grasp that the stuff in the medicine cabinet is what...a 3% solution in water and is a UV sensitive acid that...you know what I'm saying. Remember David, these are the same ones saying that Carbon Dioxide is a threat, or carbon in general is a threat and we need to 'buy offsets/credits'. Now, last time I checked, we are still carbon based life forms, allow me to take this to the bottom of a very slick hill, how long is it that the 'progressive' thing to do is to buy carbon credits for every child you bring to life? I really gotta start printing the Tee shirts - CO2, It's The Breathing, Stupid.
whe you read this one, it's so close you will think i have a crystal ball:

oh and you may want to exclude hillary from the last statement. she sounds so hawkish these days. make a good wife for cheney i think.
Thanks guys. I will add more comments tomorrow. I'm calling it a night. I am beat.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Shawn, you mean carbon life forms and carbon footprints? Uh-oh, someone quick, inform Al Gore!
Rev - Hill...I mean MrsSatan...plays to the crowd at whatever moment she needs to exploit for her own personal enrichment. This is all the Clintons are about, their own personal enrichment. No patriotism, no for the good of the country or our allies. It's whatever is good for them personally. That's it - there is nothing more to these people. Except pure evilness.
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