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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hydrogen Peroxide Bombs

You may recall the Thwarted 2006 Trans-Atlantic Terrorist Plot. You may also recall that hydrogen peroxide was one of the substances used by the terrorists in the construction of the explosive devices. Why, you may even recall how many on the Left cracked jokes about hydrogen peroxide and how the thwarted attack was nothing more than another "scare tactic" used by the Right. "Hydrogen peroxide...yuk, yuk...what were the terrorists going to do, bleach their hair and blow up a plane," went the usual babbling from the Left who to this day still don't consider terrorism a threat.

Well, it seems that hydrogen peroxide bombs are, in fact, just what the terrorists admit to using. Egg on the faces of the Left? You bet!

Six men are on trial at Woolwich Crown Court, charged with planning co-ordinated suicide attacks on London's transport network on July 21, 2005. Ealing Times UK:


    [Caretaker William] Sarpong alerted police to a large number of empty bottles of hydrogen peroxide left in bin bags for collection by Enfield Council refuse services. Hydrogen peroxide is said to have been a key ingredient in the manufacture of the bombs.

    The jury also heard how police searches of the flat, after July 21, unearthed extremist Muslim material, along with CDs by artists such as Meatloaf and Michael Bolton.

I knew Meatloaf and Michael Bolton inspired acts of terrorism! Their music must stop!

One of the alleged July 21 bombers has admitted making all the home-made devices, described in court as being as powerful as TNT or gelignite. ITV News:

    Muktar Said Ibrahim, 29, is one of six men accused of hatching an extremist Muslim plot to kill commuters in a series of murderous bombings on the London transport system.

    They are alleged to have tried to set off four bombs - made of hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour - which all failed.

Ten years ago, peroxide-based bombs were mostly the work of young pranksters. Homeland Defense News :

    But the easy-to-make yet deadly chemical cocktails were embraced in the late 1990s by Palestinian militants and suicide bombers bent on killing large groups of people.

    Now, Yeager says, the "Mother of Satan" explosives are considered the most likely weapon that terrorists will use against the U.S., more so than a nuclear or radiological "dirty" bomb.

    "Every serious terrorist group knows about them and knows how to make them," Yeager said. The forensic scientist heads the explosives unit at the FBI's laboratory in Quantico, Va., about 35 miles south of Washington.

So Hydrogen Peroxide is nothing more than a benign and harmless substance? Yuk it up, Lefties, yuk it up.


you poor fool.
politics are polarised into left and right just to force you to make a "yes" or "no" choice, and to stop you using your free will.
we live in 3 dimentions (not including the others that pure mathmatics have shown), wouldnt it make more sense to have "north", "south", "east" and "west" politics?
as for hydrogen peroxide being benign? it is, untill some nutcase gets hold of it.WATER could be deadly in the wrong hands.Incidentally, water is only one oxygen atom away from hydrogen peroxide. are you implying that H20 plus one oxygen is dangerous? people are dangerous, not chemicals.
oh you moderate your comments?
not the "free speech" type eh?
damn "righties".
Damn you're a dense one, aren't you? Sure hope you haven't procreated.

You're just another, or the same, little, Sissified Anonymous troll whose comments I sometimes choose to publish. Other times, I hit the reject button on comments submitted by Anonymous failures like you.

I suggest you find a dog, or maybe a third-grade student, who can read the above post to you over and over until maybe--just maybe--you understand the seriousness of it all. But no, you're devoutly living in a September 10th mentality, aren't you?

Yeah, I'm the only one in the blogosphere who has "Comment Moderation" turned "on". No one else does it, especially none of the Lefties.

Of which are you more proud, your ignorance or your bias?
Hey, Anonymouse Gonad...where you been? Behind Mommie's skirt? I been waiting for you to follow up....but no. Oh, dat's so sad. Are ya dead? Gee, that's be sad news. Not.
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