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Friday, August 31, 2007

Norm Coleman And Other Repubs
Diss On Larry Craig

U.S. Senator from Minnesota Republican RINO Norm Coleman joined the refrain of "Larry Craig must go." You know, I've written in the past that Coleman used to be a Hardcore Liberal and switched political parties - why, I don't know - and he still has Liberal blood oozing in him.

I will not vote to re-elect Coleman next November. It's unfortunate no real Conservative is willing run against him for the Senate seat. I won't vote for Greasy Mike Ciresi or FAILED Liberal Talk Show Host Al "The Idiot and ex-coke head" Franken, but I sure as hell am not voting for Coleman.

Coleman, along with other Republican Senators, is calling for Larry Craig to resign. Rather than fight, like the Democrats do when one of their own gets in hot water, the Republicans are anxious to always, always "take the high moral road" and abandon their fellow colleague. I can't understand this approach, what has it gotten Republicans as a whole? Continued mockery from the Left and losing Congress in the 2006 election.

If Senator Craig had killed someone or left someone to die like Ted Kennedy did - then it would be a different story. If there is any reasonable doubt, and see this post to see why I say this, then before jumping on the bandwagon to show how pure and wholesome Coleman and others claim to be - why not wait for the results of a Senate investigation?

I have to give credit to Senator Chris Dodd, D-CT for saying:

    "We at least ought to hear his [Larry Craig's] side of the story.," said Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, like McCain a presidential contender who spoke on CNN.

Dodd makes more sense than does Coleman. And if you think that's easy for me to write, you are so very wrong.



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