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Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Craig Should Not Resign

That's right, Senator Larry Craig should not resign. He pled guilty to "disorderly conduct". Wow - there's a wide range of what constitutes "disorderly conduct".

HERE is the audio of the conversation between Senator Craig and the arresting officer. Scroll down and find the sub-heading: "Sen. Craig's police audio released", click on it and listen to it.

The arresting officer just brow-beats Senator Craig in the second half of the tape.

HERE is a transcript of the tape.

Here's what I want to know before any "demand" is made for Senator Craig to resign:

Is the arresting officer gay?

Is the arresting officer connected, in any way, to any Liberal organization that attempts to "out" closeted homosexuals?

How many years of experience does the arresting officer have in doing the type of work he was doing; that of busting those who engage in sex in public?

Finally, despite the answers to the above - after you hear the audio tape - it is sketchy, very very sketchy, a "he said he said" type of exchange; shouldn't Senator Craig get the benefit of doubt here?

This isn't a case of pop singer George Michael cruising for sex or actor Kevin Spacey "walking his dog at 4AM" in a gay park in London.

Listen to the audio - more than once - put yourself in that situation, and ask yourself if there is any ambiguity at all. If you answer yes, the only fair response is to give Craig the benefit of doubt.



You're right DD, Larry Craig need not resign. Instead he should immediately have sex with an underage male congressional page. Then he should have his "boy friend" run a gay prostitution ring from his apartment. If he were to do these things he would become an immediate hero to the dumbasscrats. Well maybe not this time that is unless he switched parties for some crazy reason.
And at a press conference point his wagging finger at the camera and say, "I did not have sex with that cigar."

HEH - you wrapped up 99% of Demo scandals in two sentences.

Mol - ya gotta start a 2nd blog and rip the Libs. You do such a wonderful job of it!
Disagree David..I could care less about his sexual choices nor that he might have tried to get laid in a john somewhere..but why I say he shoukld resign is that he pled guilty to the charges and if he was innocent he should have made them prove it. If he was so stupid that he thought that the plea would not hit the MSM then he is to stupid to be a senator. He was gonna get the negative publicity either way and fighting the charges might have cleared him in a lot om minds because we 'thinking' people know that that any GOP conservative is fair game to be set up. But we have too damn many in congress who are stupid and if he leaves that will be one less.

I fault him the same way I faulted
Bill Clinton..not so much for what he did but being dumb enough to get caught.
A second blog? I have thought about it, though I don't think I could do a political blog. In reality, I hate politics with a passion, but that doesn't stop me from having an opinion particularly about whiney useless liberal politicians. Yes there are many repubs that deserve roasting. I believe you refer to them as RINO's with Coleman being one particular taper headed butt baby that you give the treatment. Plus, I find no need to roast the losers among the repubs as there is the MSM and about a billion whiney-ass libertard blogs that already have that covered.

In all honesty, I couldn't possibly do a better job than you. You are a real pro when it comes to fragging libs. You post a ton of articles to back up what you say and that has to take a lot of effort. You just don't find that on the lib blogs. My hat's off to you DD. Plus your blog is entertaining. I found it quite by accident using the next blog thingy. I liked it so much I book marked it and even started posting comments. I don't do that anywhere else.

If I were to start a second blog, it would probably be all the adventures that aren't Hiking CO. I used to be an avid mountain biker way back when I used to live in PA. Well maybe not avid, but I did ride everywhere, on roads and in the mountains. Shame though, I haven't ridden in years since I left PA. I've also had some fine kayak adventures with a trip down the Delaware through the Delaware River National Rec Area being an all time favorite. Check out the NPS website.


It really is an amazing park and the Delaware River is the longest natural flow river in the east. The feds originally aquired the land for the park to create a huge reservoir with a massive dam at Tocks Island. I for one am glad the dam was never built.

I also have photos from some of my white water rafting adventures on the eastern rivers. Mainly, the Lehigh which we nicknamed the Kneehigh. It is a tame river we used to have a Company outing on every summer. Some of the more adventurous class 5 rivers I did where the Upper Youghiogheny, the Gauley, and the Rouge River in Quebec. Actually, I don't know if the Rouge River was class 5. All I do know is that it had some of the biggest whitewater I've seen and it was great fun. The Gauley is a way badder river though. It is a true class 5 river and deserves the nickname "The Beast of the East". I'm glad I was in a raft and not a kayak on the Gauley. The problem with the Gauley trip was it was back in 1988 during a major drought. The outfitters had never run the river at such low levels. They had to resort to smaller rafts and the river became quite technical as there were a lot of exposed rocks that would have been covered with water at normal flows. I might just have to go back and experience the true Beast of the East.

I also have photos of hiking in NM and in the Shenandoah in the east. The problem is I don't have a lot of photos as I didn't bother to take them at the time. Digital cameras were too green and film cameras were too much of a pain. Who knows laziness might have played a part as well.

Sorry for the detour. It makes me sound like I'm some kind of outdoor adventurer. I'm quite lame actually and I never put my hide too far out on the line. It would be a shame to become a splat in the wilderness and miss out on so many potential adventures even if they might be a little lame. Now back to roasting libs. The fire is hot and the sticks are ready.
I agree it was stupid for Craig to admit guilt to "get it over with". Hindsight - being what it is for him and all of us - always appears to come into play.

I dunno - to me the worst offense Craig committed is "flirting" - if that - and I don't know that flirting is something that one should resign over.

And I thinkt he cop was way over the top in the second half of the tape. We've all - well, many of us - have gotten a ticket from a cop at one time or another. Give me the ticket and spare me the lecture. If I want a lecture, I'll phone my ex wife.

Thanks for commenting Guy. I always respect your take on something, even if we may slightly disagree. I agree Craig was stupid, but I'm not sure him resigning or his Repub colleagues bailing on him is the right response.
Molson - thank you very much for the kind words. I too have run across some good blogs (political and non political) doing the "NEXT BLOG" button.

Glad you at least have starting a second blog in your mind, your comments here on Liberals are certainly worthy of a 2nd blog.

You have done a lion's share of hiking and rafting in what sounds like some dangerous areas. I haven't done hiking or rafting since I was a Boy Scout. Used to hunt small game (birds, pheasants) and deer on a regular basis every season,pretty much up until my dad died, then it seemed... I dunno...not the "draw" it used to be. Fishing too, tho its been a few years since I did that too. I'll get back into the swing sometime in the future.

No need to apologize for the detour. Your comments are always welcome. And if you disagreed with me, I'd print your comments because you certainly are able to back-up and document everything you write. I get critical comments from time to time that are simply baseless from some Liberal taking offense that what I write here is accurate. Thank you for noting that I do my very best to substantiate on what I base my opinions.
I thought I sent this in a few days ago and then disscovered... So if I may digress, uh, regress, hmmm...
I'm going to disagree, David we all have the right to be presumed innocent until we are proven guilty. He pled guilty to a lesser charge. Now he says he is not guilty. He no longer has the presumption.
If he did nothing wrong why the guilty plea? This is what it looks like; he got caught, he hoped it would stay quiet, he pled to keep it quiet, it got out and now he wants to change his plea. It's too late.
He is now credibility challenged.
I agree he shouldn't have pled guilty. I will say "disorderly conduct" is a pretty wide open and vague area, I don't know that "disorderly conduct" is a reason to resign from the Senate.
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