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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tubby Forgot To Take Tim Johnson To Cuba

You remember Democrat Tim Johnson, the U.S. Senator from South Dakota who had a stroke or brain hemorrhage before he could even take his oath and be sworn in as a member of the Senate, right?

Well, it's too bad that the
Fat Bastard, Michael Moore, didn't take Johnson with him on his junket to Cuba - I mean, since Cuba has the greatest health and medical care in the world. At least according to the Fat Bastard.

Why, I bet Tim Johnson would be dancing a jig, competing in triathlons and be fully fit and able to do his job in the Senate if Tubby would've taken him to Cuber.

Johnson is receiving sub-par and woefully inadequate medical care here in the U.S. What a shame, a downright shame.

Moore enjoys a Cuban-style Banana Split, made with ice cream, bananas, whipped cream,
cherries and a small Cuban child.


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