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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Weiner Savage Nation

Yesterday I ripped Liberal Radio Talkers.

Because I apply the same standard to all, and hold everyone to the same accountability and responsibility, let me add my two cents in on Lunatic Right Fringe Radio Talker Michael Savage Weiner, host of "Savage Nation".

He had to use the pseudonym Savage, right - because who would listen to a program called "Weiner Nation".

You can tell he's a tough guy because he wears sunglasses.

Last Friday, April 6, he called the released and brave British Sailors who had been held hostage by Iran a "bunch of blubbering Brits who should serve twenty years in a military prison."

Savage Weiner is nutts, whacko, mentally unstable, either on too many prescription drugs or not on enough. Perhaps the dosage is too little or too much. Either way, the man is beyond rational.

He's exactly like the aging relative many families have, the old man in the middle stages of dementia, who like to write long, rambling and pointless letters to the editor of the local newspaper.

One any given day his opinion on any subject or issue is likely to swing 180 degrees. One day last week he praised Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for visiting Syria. The next night he basically called her a traitor for visiting Syria. Which is Mike, you can't have it both ways.

He treats his callers like trash, treating those that kiss his sagging ego with slightly less contempt than those who dare to have a different opinion than his. He's unable to defend his opinions when confronted by a caller who knows what they are talking about. Instead of debating the caller, he results to the worst type of childish playground ad-hominem attacks.

I know some of my conservative and independent bloggers that I link to promote his program and his books on their blogs and sites. My question is, why? He's no conservative, he's not independent, he's not libertarian and he's not liberal. He is all of these and he is none of these. He's all across the board on virtually any issue depending whether or not he's on or off his medication or whether his meds have "kicked in" prior to air time.

The only thing Savage Weiner possess that these pukes don't is that he actually has some degree of compassion and sympathy for others.

But Weiner is no friend to conservatism or America.


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