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Thursday, April 12, 2007

DNA Tests Prove Larry Birkhead
Father of Dannielynn Smith

* WARNING: This post treats its subject unsympathetically, is completely devoid of compassion for its subjects and most importantly, asks these people to "step off the earth." If you believe in all-forgiveness and charitableness towards your enemies, I strongly suggest you bypass reading this post. *

For months uni-browed expletive deleted Stephanie Miller, her program engineer the effeminate, sissified skirt-wearing, pink-meat barrel sucking and slur deleted Chrissy Lavoie and the fat heart-attack on two legs, jowly Jim Ward, constantly fed the rumor that Anna Nicole Smith's late son Daniel was the father of Dannielynn.

Now we find out that DNA testing confirms Dannielynn's father is Larry Birkhead. BBC:

    DNA tests have revealed that Larry Birkhead, a former boyfriend of the late Playboy model, Anna Nicole Smith, fathered her baby daughter, Dannielynn.

Friday, February 9, 2007, Miller also falsely reported that Anna Nicole died by "choking on her own vomit." Miller's claim is as false as false can be. There is nothing in the Nicole-Smith autopsy that reflects anything even remotely supportive of Miller's accusation. She's a liar and I suspect she is an insecure CUNT, jealous and envious of the beauty that someone like Anna Nicole had. Why? Because Miller is a plain-Jane butt ugly dog, despite her sycophantic callers who call her "sexy". Yeah, about as sexy as pus-filled bleeding herpes zosters.

Another Liberal Talker who frequently spread the ugly rumor that Anna-Nicole's son Daniel was the father of Dannielynn was none other than fat-assed, wide-body, pig-expletive deleted the vile, lying, syphilitic rat-human hybrid Ratty Randi Rhodes.

(Left to right): Stephanie Miller, Girly Giggling Chrissy Lavoie, Jowly Jim Ward and the Rat-Cuntess Randi Rhodes

Nothing would please me more or give me reason to celebrate than for these individuals to pile into a twin-engine turboprop King Air manufactured by Raytheon Aircraft, the same kind used by the Paul Wellstone Goodbye To Life Tour, and fly blindly into a foggy and snowy storm never to surface alive again.

Bring along anti-Semite Hate Merchant Mike Malloy on that twin-engine turboprop, too. Malloy recently shed tears on his radio program over Australian terrorist and Taliban member David Hicks. Malloy sympathizes with terrorists because he's one himself, although he's more of the emasculated type of terrorist whose only weapon is a microphone lacking any significant listening audience.

Malloy is now on "NOVA-M" radio which has one or one-and-a-half affiliate stations. I believe NOVA M is an acronym that stands for Not One Verified Audience Member.

And take Big, Fat, Stupid Ed "I was in a drunken stupor and shot and killed my own dog during a hunting trip" Schultz on the King Air turboprop, too.

Schultz The Dog Shooter and Anti-Semite, Terrorist-Sympathizer Rotting Corpse Malloy

Some of you may think what I wrote is far too harsh, unmerciful and not very compassionate. Yes it is...you're absolutely correct. And I wouldn't change, revise or edit one f*cking word of it.

I'll quote Fat, Drunken, Alcoholic-Dog Shooting/Killing Ed Schultz, who this past February said, "I'm fresh out of sympathy for Anna Nicole Smith."

Well, you know what, just as I wrote HERE, I'm fresh out of sympathy for Liberals like those above.

I'm fresh out of compassion for these biased Liberal Liars who wouldn't know the truth and couldn't manage the slightest amount of impartiality or basic compassion if it swallowed them whole. F*ck them, I hope the future holds for all of them slow, painful and agonizing deaths.

My gloves are off, folks...I won't be changing into a kindlier, more gentler blogger when it comes to the hate-filled colon-munchers mentioned above. If you like and approve of that, then stay tuned, you won't be disappointed. If you don't like it, then you're just going to have to deal with it, it's your problem, not mine.

There are indeed times when rage is appropriate. This is one of those times.



Raging? tell me its a post about the absurdity of the Democrits. youve never been this harsh.

We HAVE a winner! Absurdity by being absurd, most certainly. keeey-rist, what took so long for anyone to "get this"? And of all people you, EC - or haven't you been by for a while?
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