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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Liberal Blogger Let's Blatant Error Slide

It's called "Fact-Checking", a novel little idea that often accompanies good writing. I Fact Check. I want to know that I can support what I write here with facts, historically proven data, verified information and recorded statements and confirmed figures. The folks over on the right side of this page - those on my Blogroll - Gee, they Fact Check too! How 'bout that!

So, on This Post of Mine, which is really nothing more than quoting other attributed news and information sources on Al Franken, along comes a Dumbass commenter.

Of course, my next move is to check out the site of the commenter. Right off the top of my head I see a huge inaccuracy. Below is a screen capture of the post, unretouched by me - I swear - except for MY underlining his INACCURATE statement in white:

CLICK HERE FOR FULL SIZE (it will open in a new window). Once there, clicking on the image will enlarge it more.

I also added the following comment to said post:

CLICK HERE FOR FULL SIZE (it will open in a new window). Once there, clicking on the image will enlarge it more.

Now, the Liberal Blogger - and I'll give you his link in a second - still has not corrected his post or added an update admitting his error.

His sentence -

    "from Wellstone to Jesse Ventura, both of whom defeated Coleman at one point or another,"

- is 50% false, wrong, untrue, inaccurate and misleading.

He didn't even bother to Fact Check his own words.

He just thought he knew something when he didn't. Instead of spending what would have been less than one minute on what is an easy item to Fact Check - Mister Liberal Blogger chose to write what he thought and believed he knew to be true.

But he was wrong. Classically, Liberally Wrong.

Paul Wellstone never defeated Coleman "at one point or another". Paul Wellstone never beat Coleman in any political race or election.

Wellstone won his first Senate term, in 1990, by beating incumbent Republican Rudy Boschwitz.(

Wellstone won his second Senate term, in 1996, by beating Republican challenger (pause for dramatic effect) ... Rudy Boschwitz. (2)

Wellstone ran for his third Senate term, being challenging by Republican Norm Coleman, but Wellstone did not win that race. He died in a plane crash (October, 2002) - as did everyone on that flight - prior to the election. (3)

Democrat and Ex-Vice President Walter "Fritz" Mondale stepped into the race, taking Wellstone's place, and lost to Coleman in the November 2002 election.(4)

1, 2, 3, 4: Paul Wellstone, Answers.com

Jesse Ventura did win the gubernatorial three-way race in November 1998 - as an Independent - by beating challengers Norm Coleman - then St. Paul Mayor - and Democrat Hubert "Skip" Humphrey, III.

So, (
AHEM) - Hershey McSquirts... or whatever you call yourself - where and when did Wellstone beat Coleman..."at one point or another"?

Here's the link (if he doesn't yank it at some point).

So - Joisey Boy - When are you going to CORRECT your MISTAKE?!


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