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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Senator Al Franken

Make note of my following words: Never underestimate Minnesota Liberals to elect an idiot to office. Proof of my statement can be found in Senator Amy Klobuchar and the prior occupant of that same office, Mark "Richie Rich" Dayton, to name but two examples.

You may be asking yourself, who are some of the noteworthy and sturdy Minnesotans contributing to Franken's candidacy. Well, according to WCCO Reality Check says, the following Minnesotans have given cash to Al's Political Action Committee:

    Barbra Streisand, actors Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Guest, Rob Reiner and Larry Hagman and the executive producer of television's "Saturday Night Live", where Franken got his start.

    IN FACT, the former SNL writer and performer raised more than $1 million last year though his political action committee called Midwest Values.

    He spent most of it, for political consultants, travel and fundraising.

How much did he donate? WCCO, again:

    Here is what you NEED TO KNOW. Franken's Midwest Values PAC gave $137,500 to Democrats running for office around the country last year, including here in Minnesota. The PAC gave $10,000 contributions to candidates Amy Klobuchar, Tim Walz, Patty Wetterling and Coleen Rowley.

That's around $177 thousand dollars and change. Let's round up to $200,000...that's the amount his PAC gave to other candidates. That leaves around $800,000 for consultants, travel and fundraising? That seems rather high, doesn't it?

Some are saying that Franken has little chance of ousting Republican Senator Norm Coleman. The people who say this are wrong. I'm no fan of Coleman. He did receive my vote four years ago. He will not - I repeat not - get my vote in 2008 for any elected office he may seek.

Coleman used to be a Democrat; a big Liberal Democrat. Coleman flip-flopped on drilling for oil in ANWR, being for it before he was against it. Coleman is for the stupid Non-Binding resolution that the Democrats are giddy over. He has not shed his Liberal skin, not by a long shot.

Liberals also enjoy criticizing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for being a Republican. Let's not forget that Bloomberg was a Democrat before he changed parties. He switched parties only for one reason, he knew he had no chance of winning as a Democrat. Bloomberg, like Coleman, still has a great deal of Liberal blood in his system.

Franken's former comedy team partner, Tom Davis, says Al used to be a Pro-Lifer, The American Spectator, May, 2001:

    And as his old partner Tom Davis observes, "He does have a conservative streak in him. When I first met him, he was actually pro-life."

Franken also is a Vietnam Draft Dodger, The American Spectator, May, 2001:

    [Franken] enlisted in the anti-war (Vietnam) movement, and avoided the military. Moreover, even though Franken practically brags about helping his brother to dodge the draft, he toured for the USO the last two holiday seasons.

Franken never fails to inform audiences of his synthetic and artificial patriotism by telling them about his USO Tours. Where were you when it counted; when it meant something, Al?

Franken has little chance of winning a Senate race? Don't bet on that.

Never underestimate Minnesota Liberals to elect an idiot to office. NEVER!

'Comedian' Al Franken: "Tom Cruise has been dumped by Paramount. Did Tom Cruise kill JonBenet Ramsey? Because tragedy plus time equals comedy."
The Al Franken Show - August 23, 2006, Opening Monologue

Franken's Cocaine Hypocrisy


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Wow. What a juvenile post.

Franken graduated from Harvard cum laude with a BA in government. He was a writer for the classic "original cast" SNL. Idiot? No sir. That would you.

"Jersey McJones" - wow, that is so clever! Did you have to put the crack pipe down before you thought of it?

Just because Wikipedia says the IDIOT from Liberal Radio graduated from Harvard with a cum laude doesn't make it so.

Apparently you have not been paying attention to those who Al has called idiots - for the past 30 years- namely people far more intelligent and with far more degrees than he could dream of having.

"That would you"? You're just a regular genius at grammar and proofreading, aren't you Jersey!

Thanks for saying it's a juvenile post! Did someone have to explain that part of it to you or did you figure it out all your own? Good boy! Mommy told you you're smart and pretty, didn't she!

Which part of the facts above don't you like Jersey? The fact that your boy Al admits to being a draft dodger? The other facts that are not my opinion, but noted in American Spectator and quotes from Al himself? Awwwwwwww, that's so sad.

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." - John Adams

Okay, I'll let you get back to your crack pipe now. Try not to light yourself on fire!

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