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Friday, February 23, 2007

Democrats Continue Living In The Past

Democrats, not pleased that their Non-Binding Resolutions didn't bring the War in Iraq and Afghanistan to an end, are now drafting legislation that would revoke the broad authority granted to the president in 2002. BBC:

    Democrats in the US are planning a challenge to President George W Bush's handling of the war in Iraq.

    Key senators are drafting legislation that would revoke the broad authority granted to the president in 2002 and replace it with a narrower mandate.

    The text has not been finalised, but it is expected to restrict the role of US troops and start bringing them home.

    It will face opposition from Republican senators, who have twice blocked a resolution criticising policy in Iraq.

    Democratic aides have said the proposal could restrict US troops in Iraq to fighting al-Qaeda, training Iraqi forces and protecting Iraq's borders.

And from ABC12/AP:

Majority Leader Harry Reid could present it to lawmakers next week when they return from break.

    Officials say the precise wording is still being hammered out.

    Some Democrats want to totally revoke the 2002 authorization which granted President Bush the power to use the armed forces to defend the nation against what the resolution described as "the continuing threat posed by Iraq." The reasoning now is that threat no longer exists.

    Michigan Congressman Dave Camp, a Republican from Midland, says he supports the president's surge plan, saying reinforcements in Iraq are essential. To do otherwise, Camp said, would "handcuff" U.S. troops.

Harry Reid (and I think Tricky Dicky Durbin, behind him) Looking Oh-So-Sad After Last Weeks' Failed Non-Binding Resolution In The U.S. Senate. You feel badly for them, don't you?

On Monday, the 19th, I wrote:

    Harry Reid, Real Estate Mogul and Big Time lobbyist for Big Dairy and Big Lubricants - who also manages to find time to be the Democrat Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader - said he would not bring the resolution up again.

    Reid, by saying he won't bring it up again, of course means it's just a matter of time until he reintroduces it or introduces a similarly themed resolution.

Here's how the Dem's Plan Will Play Out:

1-House Non-Binding Resolution Passed
2-Senate Non-Binding Resolution Didn't Pass
3-A "Re-Vote" On The Original 2002 Vote To Authorize War
4-Dems will say, "We've done everything we can to bring this war to an end."
5-Dems Will Move To Defund The Military...

...But they - of course - will say they support the Troops. Dems...they're such Patriots!


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