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Monday, February 19, 2007

U.S. Senate Iraq Non-Binding
Resolution Defeated

A majority of Senate Republicans managed - somehow, in some incredulous way - to band together, remain unified and deny Senate Democrats the opportunity of the Senate's version of a Non-Binding Resolution condemning President's Bush's plan for increased Troop deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Minnesota's Republican Senator, Norm Coleman, again proving that his past Liberalism still runs hard within his veins, voted with the Democrats. So did Virginia's Republican Senator John Warner. John, what WERE you thinking? Minnesota's Democrat Senator, Amy Klobuchar, voted with her Politburo Brethren - no surprise here as she's a dyed in the wool Commiecrat.

Harry Reid, Real Estate Mogul and Big Time lobbyist for Big Dairy and Big Lubricants - who also manages to find time to be the Democrat Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader - said he would not bring the resolution up again.

Reid, by saying he won't bring it up again, of course means it's just a matter of time until he reintroduces it or introduces a similarly themed resolution. It's not hard to parse the words of Liberals like Reid. Whatever they say or say they'll do, plan on them doing the opposite.

Senate Republican Mitch McConnell said, "There is no place for chicanery at a time of war." Exactly!

Excluding the time spent in the House and Senate Chambers, how many hours and how much time have the Dems wasted pontificating about their Non-Binding Resolution? For them, a Non-Binding Resolution is their first step in protracted incrementalism; that being, to eventually move to defund the Troops, those already deployed and those awaiting deployment.

The Left is offended by the term given to their strategy, "Slow Bleed". Why does it hurt so much, Dems; why does it offend you to such a great degree? Is it, perhaps, because that term perfectly and accurately describe what it is you are indeed doing?

Newt Gingrich, former Republican Majority Leader, described the Democrat's behavior as"systematic undermining [of] American foreign policy," on FOX Sunday News. Gingrich is Spot On.

Brighten Up, Dems, because "Slow-Bleed Strategy" is a Non-Binding term. Yours is the political party who used to tell us that words mean everything, be so very careful which words we use, use only politically correct words, when speaking to another selectively choose your word lest the listener be offended. Suddenly, the Left flip-flops, for obvious political reasons, now saying words don't mean anything because their proposed resolutions are "Non-Binding".

On behalf of all of us Independents, Republicans, Conservatives, small "L" Libertarians, who disagree with the Dems, we promise to use the term "Slow Bleed Strategy" only in the most strict "Non-Binding" way. Does that make you feel better?


Okay David... here's where I totally show how much I don't know. I'm not even sure if this comment should go here. This weekend I was talking to my boyfriend and he mentioned something about how congress said "yes" to more money but "no" to wanting to go forward (am I quoting right... not sure).

Anyway... his point to all this was that the democrats won't even make a stand for themselves. They had the opportunity to refuse funds to continue the war but instead said "you can go ahead and have your war but we think it's a bad idea".

My mother use to do that to me... I hated it. "You can go to the party, but I think it's a bad idea". No matter what I did... I was screwed. Either my friends thought I was lame for not going or she thought I was irresponsible for going.

Is this their way of having an easy out no matter what happens. If we're successful they can say "we continued funds, so clearly it's because of us". If we fail, they can say "we told you it was a bad idea, but you wouldn't listen."

The thing is... politics have always been politics but the older I get and the more time goes by, it seems to be that politics is just wishy-washy bullshit and no one will take a stand. Reagan made a stand and stuck with his beliefs. He bent once in a while, but when it came down to protecting our country, he didn't say "gee... I guess I'll just let all the polls tell me what to do."

Screw the polls!! No one ever calls and asks me what I think.

Bug, you are SPOT ON with your fourth paragraphy. You summed up the Dems and the 7 Republicans who voted with them. You understand perfectly what the Dems are doing.

No one has ever called me for a poll either! But I'm sure Bush is wiretapping all our phone calls, anyway, right ?!?!?!

Take care Bug!
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