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Sunday, January 28, 2007


These People sure set the stage for WMDs and the Iraq War...now they pretend they never spoke their words!
- - - - -
Habitat For Hamas.
- - - - -
Mark thinks "24" has Jumped The Shark. I dunno....I have to disagree. Don't make me go Bauer on you, Mark.
- - - - -
When Exercise Videos ATTACK!
- - - - -
How raising the Minimum Wage Outlaws Jobs.
- - - - -
"...the problem is not that the Army can't do this job, the problem is we're trying to strike a balance between effectiveness and a minimum of collateral damage."
- - - - -
When AirHead America stations die, does anyone even notice?
- - - - -
Similar to the Minnesota Budget Surplus....North Carolina HAS LOTS O' MONEY TO SPEND!
- - - - -
You might be a patriotic terrorist if...
- - - - -
All he is saaaaaaaaaaaayin', is Give VISTA a chance?

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