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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Minnesota Democrats Ready To
Fiscally Rape Taxpayers...Again!

When will the spending stop? When will legislators at federal, state and local levels realize that allocating more money for programs that weren't properly implemented and designed in the first place is not going to make them work better? How much more money can these legislators spend before taxpayers are bled and broke? When will the spending stop? When will a majority of Taxpayers unite and revolt against the madness mentality of taxing and spending?

Minnesota is a good example to cite since, by all reasonable expectations, the state is expected to exceed a state budgetary surplus over $2 BILLION dollars. We all know that $2 Billion doesn't even approach a figure of "real money" that Democrats and Liberals can spend. $2 Billion? Why, even the most unambitious Liberal at the federal or state level can vote to spend that amount with the blink of an eye.

Like any other type of addiction, Minnesota (and many other states and at the federal level) politicians - Democrats especially, and many RINOs - are addicted to spending. They can't get enough of it, it makes them high.

Not only do they have all sorts of ideas of how and where to spend the surplus, they have the effrontery to believe in, and suggest that, more taxes and fees be created and levied upon the people.

How are Minnesota's Democrats planning to financially rape us this time?

Transportation Committee Chairman Steve Murphy, a DEMOCRAT, has proposed the following for highway and public transit spending:

    - Increase the gas tax by 10 cents per gallon.

    - Allow the seven-county metro area to increase the sales tax by a half-cent on the dollar to finance transportation projects. It also authorizes out-state counties (that's you non-Twin City/Metro counties - Ed.) to ask voters to raise local sales taxes for roads and bridges.

    - Boost license tab fees for new cars and trucks.

    - Permit all Minnesota counties to levy a $20-per year wheelage tax to help pay for road and bridge construction.

    - Metro counties can add a $20 sales tax on new cares and trucks. (1)

These brand new taxes and fees from this brand new bill, designed to vacuum more cash from ordinary, every day hardworking people, "will get us almost halfway there," (2) says Murphy, The Happy Tax and Spender. Giddy, aren't you, Mr. Murphy, in all sorts of orgiastic twitches when you fantasize spending other people's money?

If permanent tax cuts cannot be enacted now, coupled with some above-average taxpayer rebates or refunds, then when will it happen? Never...never.

Oh, if the above Transportation bill was the only thing to oppose this session, but no. The Merry Band Of Little Socialists in Minnesota have more ways to confiscate the money you work for and earn:

Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, (a DEMOCRAT and Carl Pohlad's Personal Hand Puppet and Concubine -
Ed.) proposes an increase in the State Sales Tax:

    - ...by 3/8 of a cent for every dollar spent on taxable goods. Proceeds [will be] dedicated to fish and wildlife habitat, parks, trails, zoos, clean water, the arts and public broadcasting.(3)

Boy, there's a "Cover-All" sales tax, huh? Did you somehow miss adding "THE CHILDREN" into your bill, Larry? Each one of the recipients of more taxpayer money mentioned by Pogemiller is worthy of an entire post on its own. But the one that really riles me up is the current amount, and proposed increased amounts of taxpayer money, that goes to pubic broadcasting - both radio and television. And this too is an issue worthy of a full and separate post.

Irrespective of the obvious PBS Leftward Political Slant in its reporting and program content, PBS must be fully defunded of all taxpayer money. It must end! It's time for PBS to stand on its own, paying for itself via its corporate sponsors, its voluntary contributions from foundations (i.e. old rich people and generational families born into wealth who like to watch opera...on TV) and voluntary contributions from - just like PBS says - Viewers Like You (Socialists)! Please, no counter-arguments of how little the percentage slice of taxpayer "pie" that goes to fund PBS. Highway robbery is highway robbery, the dollar amount notwithstanding.

And yes, I'd say the same thing if PBS programming and context were skewed Right of center. It's not about the politics. It's about the money...the taxpayer's money.

And who, even the most evil and vile NeoCon can argue with clean water? Don't you ever have a hankering to quench your thirst with a good, old glass of cloudy tap water chock-full of heavy-particulate matter? I sure do! Mmmmmm-mmmmmmm good!

Soon, a few short moments after a child is born, said child will be whisked away from its mother by the Education Socialists and put into State Schools for edukashun:

    [Minnesota] Senate Democrats proposed all-day, every-day kindergarten and money to help parents put their children in preschool.

    Assistant Senate Majority Leader Tarryl Clark, (a DEMOCRAT - Ed.) [said], "if we want to continue to be a leader, these are...areas we need to address." (4)

"Areas we need to address" = "Tax and Spend More Money" is more like it.

Why in the hell am I paying for some kid's preschool? I already pay for K-12, isn't that enough? It is not unreasonable to expect that it should be.

Health Care - oh, hell yes - of course it's on the agenda! Senator Linda Berglin , (a DEMOCRAT - Ed.), is "optimistic that we'll make good progress on it this year." (5)

"We'll make good progress on it this year" = "We'll make good process in once again sticking it to the taxpayer".

Among the areas to Tax and Spend more taxpayer money we find the usual Socialistic Buzzwords:

    ..."Creation of a Discount Prescription Drug Program"... "Eliminate Co-Pays" ... "Achieve Universal Coverage" ..."Increase Eligibility" ...

And the best part - the real Punch Line - of Berglin's Utopian Health Care Hallucination is:

    The measure does not indicate how much the plan would cost or how it would be funded.(6)

Doesn't that just make your nipples hard! Only in government, people, only in government.

And what's so telling - so revealing - about the Democrat's plan is something which is so obvious and transparent. You see it, don't you? It's not that there isn't enough money to spend, there's too much, way way way too much money, to spend in that these people aren't asking what any individual or private business asks at the earliest stages of what is nothing more than the most basic and fundamental business model: "How Much Will It Cost?"

These are but a few of the "Investments", uh...make that Tax Increases and "Revenue Enhancements", make that New And Improved Tax Increases that 'The Merry Band of Minnesota Socialists And RINOS Who Love Them' (wed in eternal bliss, if memory serves me right, on an episode of "Jerry Springer"), have in store for us this year.

Oh, wait - stop - put everything on hold! NFL's Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf wants a brand new, Taj Mahal-like stadium financed in part by The Taxpayers!


St. Paul Pioneer Press:
(1) & (2): 2007 Minnesota Legislature: Proposals, by Bill Salisbury; St. Paul Pioneer Press, January 5, 2007, page 9A
(3)-(6): 2007 Minnesota Legislature: The Senate's First Bills, by Bill Salisbury, Megan Boldt and Rachel Stassen-Berger; St. Paul Pioneer Press, January 5, 2007, page 8A

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"utopian health care halucination"

Is that a David Drake original? It's brilliant.

Don't let that go to your head, Drake.
So far as I know.

Can you speak up please, it's really hard to hear you from...

...........way .........

up here.
You're baiting me, I know you are!! Just wait till I have some time away from doing the people's businees to really respond.
Modesto, I would never bait you, baby! You just keep doing the people's business and keep your nose to the grindstone.
Ahhhh, Modesto?

"We're waiting."

-- Judge Smails
heh - really. Modesto, put up or shush up! You're just an egomaniac that needs a good beaach slapping!
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